Graduate Music Series

Graduate Music Series: Installment Three

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 8:00pm


The Graduate Music Series showcases the performance, compositional, and research capabilities of graduate music students, alumni, and other affiliates.

The third installment of the Graduate Music Series this spring will feature presentations by current graduate student Webb Crawford (“Blob-ing”) and alumnus Eliot Bates MA ’97 with Ars Troitski (“the third zoo.”)


Eliot Bates and Ars Troitski
the third zoo (2021)

Webb Crawford
Stylists and photographers for fashion magazines are sometimes called upon to arrange makeup into attractive blobs.


manifestoon platoon (Eliot Bates MA ’97 and Ars Troitski) came out of the convergence of two needs: maintaining meaningful connections across great distances (Brooklyn–Moscow) during the COVID-19 pandemic, and doing something productive within the space of electronic music. Through their work in producing and performing in events for the New York Modular Society, their recording work, and their anti-pastoralist available light photography, they have been exploring new ways of collaboration that involve, but aren’t limited to, modular synthesis.

Webb Crawford is a guitarist, improviser, composer, and luthier. She has built stringed instruments ranging from electric guitars, basses, and mandolins to modern reconstructions of historical instruments and instruments made from recycled materials or found objects. Crawford has a background in jazz, and studied for three years with composer-performer Mary Halvorson '02. In 2017, she worked at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art to restore the instruments of Gunnar Schonbeck as part of a playable interactive exhibit, and also works regularly with environmentalist instrument-building group Bash the Trash.