Chinese Music Ensemble

Chinese Music Ensemble Fall Concert

Friday, December 24, 2021 at 7:00pm


Wesleyan’s Chinese Music Ensemble, directed by Joy Lu, presents a virtual fall concert. Pre-recorded at the end of the semester, this concert is available to view now. With guest musicians Tim Gaylord on percussion, Akaash Kapoor '24 on cello, and Tong Kong on dizi (flute).

Chinese Music Ensemble:

Director of the World Music Archives and Music Librarian Aaron Bittel - sheng (mouth-blown reed instrument)

Iris Chen '22 - guzheng (plucked zither)

Trevor Dalton '22,  Annika Huang '23, Sofia Khu '22, Zach Mines '22, Piya Oberoi '22, Cambria Tsai Weaver '22, Maxwell Waslick '23, Terry Yuan '23 - erhu (bowed musical instrument)

Chloe De Palo '22 - zhonghu (bowed string instrument)

Kevin Goldberg '23, graduate student Zheqin Li - liuqin (mandolin)

Flora Gu '24 - guzheng (plucked zither), percussion

Sonia Guan '24, Jinjia Hu '23 - yangqin (hammered dulcimer)

Hsiu-Chi Liang, Rose Wang '25, Wenli Wang '22, Veronica Zhang '23 - zhongruan (plucked string instrument)

Wanhe Lin '25 - pipa (plucked instrument), hulusi (flute)

Alec McLane - sheng (mouth-blown reed instrument), gaohu (bowed string instrument), daruan (plucked string insrument)

Victor Ren '24 - daruan (plucked string insrument)

Sofia Sperber '22 - xiaoruan (mandolin)

Quentin Tan '22 - sanxian (fretless plucked lute), double bass

Annika Velez '22, Qingyang Zhong '22 - dizi (flute)

Neeky Yassari '22 - pipa (plucked instrument)