Inverted photo of hand with strands of material hanging down.

John Cage’s Musicircus [Time Changed]

Thursday, December 8, 2022 at 1:45pm
Crowell Concert Hall


Students from the adventurous MUSC 109 “Introduction to Experimental Music” class present a series of overlapping performances in the seventh rendition of John Cage's Musicircus at Wesleyan since fall 2013. Everything at once and all together. The first of Mr. Cage’s Musicircus happenings took place in 1967 at the University of Illinois.

Featuring Bartek Alicki, Charlie Amatrula, Sam Anderson, Leo Bader, Molly Brumbach, Cole Bryant, Pierce Buckner-Wolfson, Liam Calhoun, Eve Cavanagh, Simon Chidley, Cadence Cole, Gavin Cui, Rob D'Aquila, Dominik Dadak, Elijah Davis, Kieran Gettel-Gilmartin, Joseph Godslaw, Benjamin Goodman, Austin Halsey, Max Levin, Will Littell, Sarah Liu, Tristan Loa, Stanley Markman, Kasra Massih, Alex McColl, Aidan McDonald, Max Murgio, Brett Nelson, Orlando Osgood, Antony Patrinos, Leo Rose, Asa Schiller, Dean Sokaris, Nate Spillmann, Skye Stinnett, Brady Walsh, Nat Welsh, + special mystery guests!

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