Electronics and wires

Festival of Live Electronic Music—Idiopreneurial Entrephonics II: Special Open Meeting of Wesleyan Disengineering Society

Saturday, February 18, 2023 at 2:00pm
World Music Hall


On Saturday afternoon, the Idiopreneurial Entrephonics II festival of live electronic music features a special open meeting of the Wesleyan Disengineering Society. The group regularly gathers to hack hardware, software, and e-waste for sonic repurposing and re-engineering. Its DIY focus enables people at any level of skill or prior knowledge in electronics and music to learn to make strange sounds and resist the notion of “planned obsolescence.”

Regular participants include musicians, non-musicians, physicists, mathematicians, sculptors, filmmakers, tinkerers, woodworkers, traditional engineers, backyard engineers, and people who are simply curious. With community building and creative experimentation at the forefront of all its efforts, the Disengineering Society gains its strength from their varied experience and knowledge.

Meeting 14 (2023)
This interactive piece marks the 14th official meeting of the Wesleyan Disengineering Society. While Society meetings are normally held in the IDEAS lab (Wesleyan’s makerspace) on Friday afternoons, this meeting will be held publicly in the foyer of the World Music Hall and invites participation in a handmade sound “hacking session,” as well as showcasing work and compositions from current Disengieering Society members.

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Photo by Michael Johnsen