Emanuelle Arciuli

Pianist Emanuele Arciuli [New Time]

Friday, March 3, 2023 at 4:30pm
Crowell Concert Hall


Italian classical pianist Emanuele Arciuli’s repertoire ranges from Johann Sebastian Bach to contemporary music. His recordings span from the complete works of Austrian composers Alban Berg and Anton Webern, to music by American jazz artists Thelonious Monk and Chick Corea. He specializes in the music of American composers.

In his Connecticut debut concert at Wesleyan, Arciuli performs five of the Geographical Preludes (1998–2000) by John Spencer Camp Professor of Music Neely Bruce (Wallingford, Fairfield, Janesville, South Bristol, and Middletown No. 2); and the monumental set of 36 variations on “The People United Will Never Be Defeated” (1975) by Frederic Rzewski, which are based on the Chilean song “¡El pueblo unido jamás será vencido!” by Sergio Ortega and Quilapayún.