Crowell Concert Hall

Senior Recital: Julia Brody-Barre [New Date, Time, and Location]

Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 3:00pm
Crowell Concert Hall


A senior music recital by Julia Brody-Barre ’23.

How have people across time and space vocalized their subjectivities through song? Join soprano Julia Brody-Barre for her senior recital, tracing aesthetic transformations and expressions of the self and affect in vocal music from the thirteenth to twentieth centuries. Traveling through history, selections begin from medieval liturgical song, "Sol oritur in sydere," to an 18th-century Italian prayer song by Durante, "Vergin, tutto amor," to the romantic era. Such romantic pieces include a song cycle composed by Fauré, "Poème d'un jour" (1878), Tchaikovsky's "None but the lonely heart" (1869), and one aria from Puccini's La Bohème (1896), "Quando me'n vo'," also known as "Musetta's Waltz". These pieces all relate to interpersonal romantic relationships in their lyrics: The Fauré and Tchaikovsky songs offer rich affective lyrical content pertaining to the internal experiences of love relationships, while the Puccini aria offers a self-proclamation of identity in pursuit of romantic attention. Transitioning into the twentieth century, "Art is calling for me (I want to be a prima donna)" from Herbert's operetta "The Enchantress" (1911) comically explores the identity associated with singing opera. The program will conclude with more modern forms. "Four" is a jazz standard originally performed by Miles Davis Quartet (1954), with vocalese lyrics about the meaning of life set to the solos by Davis and Silver by Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross (1961). John Cage's "Aria" (1958) will close out the program as an experimental exploration of rapid transitions between different vocal styles and the affective power of these forms.

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