“Instrument—Body:” Brandon Lopez and Cecilia Lopez

Friday, October 20, 2023 at 2:00pm
Joe Webb Peoples Museum of Natural History: Fourth Floor, Exley Science Center, 265 Church Street


“Instrument—Body” is a series of performances, presented in conjunction with the seminar of the same name and curated by Visiting Assistant Professor of Music and cellist Ethan Philbrick, that will stage musical encounters in site-specific locations across the Wesleyan University campus this fall. 

The works by these visiting artists examine the tension between being and playing a body and an instrument through both improvised and scored compositions. What does it mean to make yourself an instrument? To be instrumentalized? Is the instrument an extension of the body or a body all its own, and what does it mean to play and be played by it?

This performance will feature bassist Brandon Lopez and musician and multimedia artist Cecilia Lopez MA '16.

Please note this event will require the audience to stand for approximately 45 minutes among the museum display cases. 

Wesleyan University is committed to making its educational programs and facilities accessible to people with disabilities. If you plan to attend an event and will require reasonable accommodations, please call 860-685-3324. It is recommended that arrangements be made ten business days in advance of the event. Please visit the Accessibility website for more information. 

Please notify the box office in advance if you have special needs.