Live-Electronics concert


Friday, December 8, 2023 at 6:30pm
Ring Family Performing Arts Hall


Students in MUSC 221 "Live-Electronics for Composition, Improvisation, and Sound Art," taught by Professor of Music Paula Matthusen, present a concert of their audio-video performances. 

Featuring works by Sam Boston '25, Terry Brannigan '24, Cole Bryant '25, Simon Chidley '25, Elijah Davis '26, Ben Gertner '24, Cristi Gonzalez '25, Orlando Osgood '26, Vibhuv Reddy '24, Franklin Ribli '24, Leo Rose '24, Asher Weintraub '26, and graduate music students Lea BertucciMarie CarrollParsa Ferdowsi
Emma Mistele, and Negar Soleymanifar.