WFS and the Grants Process:

The Wesleyan Financial System (WFS) is utilized for electronic internal approval routing of your proposal. The submitted checklist becomes the record of your grant from institutional approval for submission through the close out of your grant, including all financial information and is where pertinent documentation is stored.

Grant Checklist

A Grant Checklist must be received two weeks in advance of the due date.

You may access the Grant Checklist in three ways:

When you land on the WFS Home Page,  click on Grant Proposal under the Smart Documents column, you will come to a page with a tab "Add a New Value", click on "ADD" (WFS will assign a Proposal ID when you save and submit the Checklist DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THE PROPOSAL ID SPACE). Please complete the Checklist in its entirety and any "yes" answers in the questions requires an explanation. Submit your checklist and make a note of the Proposal ID (WGM####) assigned to your grant. You will receive an Email when the checklist has been approved, stating that your Budget pages are now available.

Budget Pages

You may access the grant proposal budget pages the same way that you accessed the checklist noted above. When you land on the WFS Home Page, click on Grant Proposals under the Smart Documents column, but this time select the "Find Existing Value" tab. On the next page enter your proposal number (WGM####) in the proposal id line. This will bring you to the approved checklist, scroll to the bottom and click on "Go to Budgets."

When you land on the budget pages you will be able to enter budgetary information and/or attach items in the tool bar at the top of the page. You can enter budget information by clicking on the appropriate budget period number or you can contact the Office of Corporate, Foundation & Government Grants for assistance. Please attach all pertinent documents in the tool bar at the top of the page by clicking on the paper clip icon.

Workflow (Internal Approval) for Grant Proposals

Workflow is the term used to describe the routing process for any action in WFS, including grant proposals. The workflow for grant proposals is also known as the internal approval process. This process includes the Office of Corporate, Foundation, and Government Grants; Grants Accounting Office, the fiscal manager for your department/area (e.g. academic affairs for faculty grants), and the Office of Finance and Administration.