Preparing Your Budget

The budget can be one of the most challenging aspects of developing a proposal. Here are some links to help guide you through the process. If you require any additional information please contact the Corporate, Foundation & Government Grants office for further information.

For more infomration on Grants and Restricted Accounts and policies surrounding both please click here.

Budget Preparation Guide

This guide will provide general information about preparing your budget based on Wesleyan policy. To access the Budget Preparation Guide please click here.

Travel and Other Expenses

For specific Wesleyan policies on travel and expenses please consult the Travel and Other Expenses Policy guide by clicking here.

Facilities & Administration or Indirect Cost Rate

Facilities and Administrative Charges (F&A), or indirect costs, are the least understood component of proposal budgets. Examples of F&A costs are utilities, administrative support, salaries and benefits for personnel involved in Wesleyan's central administration among other things. See Wesleyan's F&A or Indirect Rate and policies.

Fringe Benefits

Information on fringe benefit rates for faculty, staff, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students may be found here. Please scroll down to the Fringe Benefits section of the page.

Cost Share

Some proposals require Wesleyan to demonstrate cost share as part of the proposal budget. See Wesleyan's policy on cost share.

Graduate Student Salary

For current graduate student salary rates please contact the Office of Corporate, Foundation & Government Grants.

Salary Increase Considerations

For salary increase considerations please contact the Office of Corporate, Foundation & Government Grants.