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Financial Support

Financial Support for Students in the PhD and Two-year MA Programs

Most full-time PhD students and students in the two-year MA program are paid a stipend through assistantships or fellowships. Tuition remission for up to eight course credits per academic year is included in the graduate student’s financial package. Wesleyan University requires all students to maintain health insurance and contributes two-thirds of the insurance fee for graduate students on a Wesleyan-offered health insurance plan.  A limited number of dependency allowances are awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need. The duties of graduate students vary by department but generally involve assistance in some phase of instruction and/or research.

New graduate students who work as teaching assistants receive a stipend September 1 through May 31. Continuing graduate students on a stipend receive payments June 1 through May 31.

Graduate students are required to complete tax forms W-4 and CT W-4 and employment form I-9 in order to receive payment. The Office of Graduate Student Services will administer these forms during New Student Orientation. International Students must make an appointment to discuss tax status with Christine Rodrigue, Tax Specialist in Finance and Administration.  She can be contacted by email at . Stipend payments will be withheld until all tax and employment forms are complete.

Dependency allowance applications are available in the Office of Graduate Student Services. If approved, payments are distributed on the first pay period of each month.

Financial support for students in the one-year BA/MA program includes tuition remission for two semesters  of post-BA work.

2022/23 Stipend for Sciences and Mathematics, PhD and Two-year MA Programs

 PhD and MA Monthly: $3,188

12-months: $38,256 (June 1 – May 31)

9-months:   $28,692 (September 1 - May 31) 

2022/23 Stipend for Ethnomusicology and Music, PhD and Two-year MA Programs

PhD Monthly: $ 2,710

PhD 12-months:  $32,520  (June 1 – May 31)

PhD  9-months:   $ 24,390 (September 1 - May 31)

MA Monthly: $ 2,072

MA 12-months:   $ 24,864  (June 1 – May 31)

MA  9-months:    $ 18,648  (September 1 - May 31)