Summer office hours for the Office of Graduate Student Services begin Monday June 3.  

    Mondays and Tuesdays, 8am-4:30pm, remote staffing

    Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8am – 4:30pm, in-person staffing

    Fridays –closed

 Email if you need assistance or would like to schedule an appointment.


  • University Health Services

    University Health Services

    Basic health services are provided through the Davison Health Center at 327 High Street and are available to those Wesleyan graduate students who receive tuition remission and have submitted a completed health history form, including a record of mandatory immunizations.

    The Davison Health Center is staffed by physicians, nurse practitioners, a physician associate, and nursing personnel who provide comprehensive primary care services for illness or injury to students. The Davison Health Center provides an array of services for Wesleyan students including sick visits, allergy and immunization services, travel consultation, laboratory and dispensary services, and specialty clinics for gynecological care, sexual health and wellness services, HIV counseling and testing, and nutrition counseling.

    The Davison Health Center provides basic laboratory testing and a dispensary for many prescriptions and over-the-counter medications. In addition, the staff works closely with the director of health education to promote health education and wellness programs on campus.

    The Davison Health Center Location and Hours

  • Submission of the Medical History Form

    Submission of the Medical History Form

    All graduate students are required to submit a completed medical history form and an up-to-date immunization record prior to enrolllment. A physical examination is not required, but it is recommended.

    Instructions on health record requirements and access to the health portal.  

    Graduate students with spouses and dependents should contact the Davison Health Center for additional information.

  • Immunization Requirements

    Immunization Requirements

    All students who attend Wesleyan and were born after 1956 are required by Connecticut state law to show proof of immunization against, or immunity to, measles, mumps, rubella, varicella, and meningitis, whether or not they choose to use the Davison Health Center services. This information must be on file at the Davison Health Center. Contact the Davison Health Center for more information.

    Instructions on health record requirements and access to the health portal.  

  • Counseling and Psychological Services


    Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides services to students by appointment through its staff of psychotherapists. Emergency coverage is also provided on a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week basis while the University is in session. 

  • Accessibility Services

    Graduate Student Guide to Accessibility Services

    Wesleyan University is committed to supporting all students in their academic and co-curricular endeavors. Each semester, a significant number of students document psychological, learning, sight, hearing, manual, speech, mobility and other disabilities, which may require reasonable accommodations to ensure access to education, housing, and recreation. Although Wesleyan does not offer academic programs specifically directed at individuals with disabilities, the University does provide services and reasonable accommodations to all students who need and have a legal entitlement to such accommodations.

    Accommodations for graduate students are coordinated by Accessibility Services, located in North College, Room 021/022.

    Graduate students who would like to request accommodations should contact Accessibility Services directly.  Students who request accommodations are required to provide documentation of their disabilities and meet with an Accessibility Services staff member to discuss how appropriate accommodations may assist them in participating in campus life or courses and fulfilling course requirements. In addition, the office will discuss other types of support and services available to all Wesleyan students, such as tutoring programs and writing support through the Writing Workshop.

    For contact information and office hours:  Accessiblilty Services

  • Health Insurance Options

    Health Insurance

    University policy mandates that all students maintain health insurance in order to avoid potentially difficult and costly medical situations and to ensure that medical services outside the University Health Center are covered.  Wesleyan University contributes a portion of the health insurance premium for graduate students who receive a stipend. Graduate students who do not receive a graduate stipend (ex: BA/MA students and students who are in ABD-NOT status) are responsible for the total premium. 

     Every graduate student is required to show proof of health insurance every year.  Compliance is required even if there are no changes to insurance from the current academic year.  

     The chart below shows the Wesleyan health insurance options for each group of graduate student.

    1. Review the options for your student category.
    2. Enroll in one of the options for a Wesleyan health insurance plan based on your student category or waive the Wesleyan insurance plan and provide proof of private insurance (not an option for FLTAs).
    3. The deadline to enroll or show proof of private insurance is Aug 15, 2024.  
    4. It is recommended that you use Google Chrome when accessing the link to enroll in the student health plan. You must log in with your Wesleyan email username and password.

    Graduate Student Health Insurance Options, AY 2024-2025


    Health Insurance Options


    Deadline to enroll or waive university insurance

    PhD with stipend

    a. Wesleyan student      insurance plan* Information   Rates

    b. Wesleyan employee health care plan**
    Information   Rates


    c. Proof of private insurance plan


    a. Link to enroll in the student health plan

    b. Email to request employee health care plan

    c. Link to show proof of private insurance plan.  You must first waive the student health plan via this link.

      a. Aug 15, 2024



      b. Aug 15, 2024


      c. Aug 15, 2024

    Two-year MA with stipend

    a. Wesleyan student insurance plan*
    Information   Rates

    b. Wesleyan employee health care plan**
    Information   Rates

    c. Proof of private insurance plan

    a. Link to enroll in the student health plan

    b. Email to request employee health care plan

    c. Link to show proof of private insurance plan.  You must first waive the student health plan.

      a. Aug 15, 2024


      b. Aug 15, 2024


      c. Aug 15, 2024


    a. Wesleyan student insurance plan*
    Information   Rates

    b. Proof of private     insurance plan

    a. Link to enroll in the student health plan

    b. Link to show proof of private insurance plan.  You must first waive the student health plan.

      a. Aug 15, 2024


      b. Aug 15, 2024


    a. Required: Wesleyan student insurance plan*
    Information  Rates

    a. Link to enroll in the student health plan

     a. Aug 15, 2024

     *Information about dental and vision care coverage is on pages 14-15 of the Benefits at a Glance. Students will also receive an email about optional dental insurance.  Students who have private medical insurance that does not include dental insurance may wish to consider the optional dental insurance plan.

    **Eligibility and payroll contributions for newly eligible graduate students in the Wesleyan employee health care plan is effective on the date of employment.  An enrollment form must be completed and returned to the Human Resources secure drop box within 31 days of hire.  Those eligible graduate students continuing their employment with Wesleyan are eligible to enroll in the Wesleyan employee health care plan either during open enrollment (at the beginning of November for coverage effective 1/1/24) or if they have a qualifying life event such as marriage, divorce, change in spouse’s employment status, etc.  Enrollment due to a qualifying life event must be completed and submitted to the Human Resources secure drop box within 31 days of the qualifying event.

    To add a spouse/partner or child to the Wesleyan Student Insurance Plan, please follow the instructions listed here.

  • Dental Insurance

    The Student Health Insurance Plan through Gallagher offers some dental coverage. For more information on dental coverage click here for the brochure and see page 14.

    Dental Insurance (Optional)

    Breif description of coverage and premiums can be found in the Dental Flyer

    Any enrolled student of Wesleyan University is eligible to enroll.


    This is a standalone dental plan that utilizes a national network of providers and offers in and out of network benefits.  Please see the attached flyer outlining the High, Medium and Low offered plan options. Pricing is on the flyer as well as a synopsis of the coverage offered. This is dental insurance. It is not a dental discount plan.


    Enrollment is open continuously throughout the policy year.  The Wesleyan University policy year is September 1 to September 1. 

    It’s not too late to enroll!
    The plan uses a rolling open enrollment. Enrollments received before the 20th of any month would set the effective date as the 1st of the following month. (I.e. 10/15 enrollment=11/1 effective coverage) The premium cost is prorated based on the effective date selected.

    Enrollment is completed on-line at  The system accepts credit card or bank draft information as payment. Please note: there is no early cancellation. Once enrolled each student is committed to the plan through to the end of the current policy period. The student can opt to not renew.


    When the online transaction is finalized a confirmation email will instantly be sent to you. In that email will be included links to printout your ID cards and policy documents. It is important that you save this email confirmation, as this is the only way to access your ID cards.   The email would come from Morgan White Administrators.


    The provider network is United Healthcare.  To search for in-network UHC providers go to:

    1. Select: “Find a Dentist” (right hand side/green tab on screen)
    2. Click: “Find a Dentist” (right hand side orange “Links & Tools”)
    3. Click: “National PPO Options” (center of screen) There is no need to log-in to search for providers.  At this point you can enter your criteria for your search.

    It is advised that you follow up with a call to the provider office to confirm that the in-network status is still valid, as contracts are subject to change.

    Those students that elect to enroll in this student dental insurance plan will be automatically renewed for coverage upon the expiration of the current policy year.  The system is set up to post the renewal premium charge to which ever payment source was used at the time of enrollment, about two weeks before the current policy year expires. Notification will be sent to you via email when this will take place. That notice will include steps to take should you not wish to renew.

    As long as the renewal premium has been paid, this dental insurance plan can continue indefinitely.  Even, if you should no longer be connected to Wesleyan University.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Katie Kruszewski
    860-430-3338 Email:
    Smith Brothers Insurance
    377 Main Street, Niantic CT 06357

    Please note that graduate students are not eligible for dental insurance through Delta Dental.

  • Adult Fitness

    Students are allowed to use the Freeman Athletic Center and are considered "Staff" - please see the link below for specific information about membership to Freeman Athletic and the cost for spouses and domestic partners: Freeman Community Membership Polices

    Adult Fitness Classes

  • LGBTQIA+ Resources