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Masters of Arts (MA) 

The University offers a two-year program leading to the MA degree in astronomy, computer science, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics, and music.  The University also offers a combined BA plus MA program for Wesleyan undergraduate students leading to the MA degree in astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences, mathematics and computer science, molecular biology and biochemistry, neuroscience and behavior, physics, and psychology.

The programs are innovative with respect to the needs and opportunities of the particular fields. The programs are small and allow close attention to the needs and interests of the individual student. There is considerable variation among the programs in format, requirements and methods of work. MA degree requirements for coursework, thesis and its defense are specific to each department and can be found in the University Catalog:

Most full-time MA students in the two-year MA program receive a financial package that includes tuition remission and a stipend in exchange for service to the department.  The duties of MA students vary by department and generally involve assistance in instruction and research.

Financial support for students in the one-year BA/MA program includes tuition remission for two semesters  of post-BA work

Information about the departments that offer the MA degree via the two-year program:


Information about the departments that offer the MA degree via the BA/MA program:

College of Intergrated Sciences
Earth & Environmental Sciences
Mathematics & Computer Science
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Neuroscience & Behavior

 Information about the BA/MA program