College of Integrative Sciences

Tomorrow's scientists will face challenging problems in such diverse areas as energy, public health, and the environment, among others. Meeting these challenges requires a broad knowledge base together with creative problem-solving approaches. The College of Integrative Sciences (CIS) is dedicated to equipping Wesleyan students with the creative, quantitative and integrative skills to meet these challenges. At the CIS, students develop expertise in multiple disciplines combined with research methods to become creators of knowledge at the forefront of our changing world.

art by Andrew Cao '23
Art by Andrew Cao '23 and Leonard Majaducon '25, Summer 2022

Wesleyan enjoys a distinguished history in scientific research dating back to the 1860s. The CIS is an integral part of Wesleyan's continued commitment to interdisciplinary research training and the advancement of scientific knowledge.


CIS Major Julissa Cruz Bautista '25 to represent Wesleyan at C.O.L.O.R. Conference

Julissa Cruz Bautista '25, MB&B and CIS major and SACNAS secretary of the board, recieved a full award to attend the SACNAS National conference this fall and to represent Wesleyan's chapter during the 2023 C.O.L.O.R retreat. 

C.O.L.O.R. is a 1 day retreat designed to support SACNAS chapter officers as they continue to place themselves in positions of leadership within their chapters, campuses, and communities. This retreat will not only equip chapter leaders, but also highlight and strengthen their leadership talents through connection and unity with the broader chapter network. 

Julissa was profiled for the Inclusion in STEM blog last year.


Students Present Research Contributions at Annual Poster Session

On the surface, the annual poster session held in Exley Science Center looked like an average scientific poster presentation. A couple hundred students lined up side-by-side, standing anxiously next to their tripod-hoisted poster boards waiting for passersby to ask them about their colorful charts and graphs. For the attendees, it could be their chance to […]

Wesleyan Students Receive Goldwater Scholarship

Two promising young scientists at Wesleyan, Aaron Berson ’24 and Jessica Luu ’24, were chosen for the distinguished Barry Goldwater Scholarship, given annually to hundreds of college sophomores and juniors across the nation pursuing research in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. “Because of their degree of involvement in research, many Wesleyan undergraduates are—if their […]
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