Research Examples

The College of Integrative Sciences supports research that is both interdisciplinary and integrative.  Students are welcome to contact potential mentors who may or may not be presently listed as CIS faculty.  

Below are examples of research presented by CIS and RIS fellows during the recent summer program:




College of Integrative Sciences

Aidan Jones

Investigating the Inflammatory Response of ALS patient iPSC Derived Astrocytes O'Neil (Chemisry, NS&B)

Maya Milrod

Experimental and Computational Investigation Into Reversible Cycloadditions Northrop (Chemistry, Biophysics)

Sean Stetson

Allosteric regulation Thayer (CIS, Biophysics)

Jocelyn Wang

Diversification of ecotypes of West Nile Virus Cohan (Biology, COE, Environmantal Studies) and Krizanc (Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Informatics and Modeling)


Carlo Arnoldi Supernovae as Substitutes for Short Gamma-Ray Bursts Kilgard (Astronomy)
Owen Gonzales Measuring Host Star Mass in Debris Disks Using 12CO Line Emission Hughes (Astronomy, Planetary Science)


Ishani Dave Nucleotide Modifications Change Dynamic Interactions of the Ribosome CAR Surface Weir (Biology, Biophysics, Informatics and Modeling) andThayer (CIS, Biophysics)
Katherine Fhu Contribution of Chitinase genes to host plant toxin resistance in Drosophila sechellia Coolon (Biology, Biophysics)
Amy Smith Indirect Ecological Effects Of Phloem-Feeding Insects On Caterpillars: Tests Of Two Mechanisms Singer (Biology, Environmental Studies)
Taylor Teich The persistence of transgenerational plasticity (parental sun versus shade)
in the annual plant Polygonum persicaria
Sultan (Biology, Environmental Studies)


Justin Brucero Performing the Synthesis of OBM, Analog of Parent Compound Rocaglamide Calter (Chemistry)
Sophie Chang Synthesis of Rocaglamide Analogs Calter (Chemistry)
Alex Gorman Computational Analysis of Heptosyltransferase I Inhibitors Taylor (Chemistry, Biophysics, Environmental Studies)
Maggie Lee Nucleotide Modifications Change Dynamic Interactions of the Ribosome
CAR Surface
Personick (Chemistry)
Leonard Majaducon Prototropic Exchange Mechanisms in [Cr(cyclen)(H2O)2]3+ Westmoreland (Chemistry)
Owen Rogers SOD1 Molecular Dynamics simulations and alchemical free energy calculations of N53D Smith (Chemistry, Biophysics, MB&B)
Alex Seys The Microwave Spectrum of Trifluoromethyl Triflate Novick (Chemistry)
Avi Sriram Taylor (Chemistry, Biophysics, Environmental Studies)

Earth and Environmental Science

Noah Braunstein and R. Fox Hayes The Impact of Bacteria on Martian Brine Precipitate Mineralogy Gilmore (E&ES, Planetary Science)
Jasmine Fridman Non-Destructive XRF Measurements in High-Latitude Marine Sediment to Understand Climate Change O'Connell (E&ES)
Jeeet Patel O'Connell (E&ES)
Brittany Rosenberg Ku (E&ES)

Math and Computer Science

Wyatt Dahlstrom Lipton (Computer Science)
Oliver Diamond Non Collaborative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning for Computer Networks Manfredi (Computer Science)

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Arpie Bakhshian Studying the Molecular Architecture of the Synaptonemal Complex by Investigating Ecm11 Mutant Interactions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae MacQueen (MB&B)
Andrew Cao Olson (MB&B, Biophysics)
Emma Johnston The Role of Baf180 and its Corresponding SWI/SNF Complex in Metal Regulation Padilla (MB&B)
Sophia Morgan Investigating the Mechanism of DNA-Mediated Cleavage and Binding of the
MvaI Restriction Endonuclease
Etson (MB&B, Biophysics, Chemistry, Physics)
Tai Lon Tan Elucidating Mismatch Binding by S.Cerevisiae Msh2-Msh6 via Photocrosslinking Probes Mukerji (MB&B,Biophsyics, Environmental Studies, Health Studies)


Terry Brannigan Voth (Physics)
Adin Dowling Kottos (Physics, Math)
Freddie Gao Analog Noise Circuit Design for LC Pumping Starr (Physics,Biophysics, IDEAS, MB&B)
Kevin Liao Analyzing Perovskites through Confocal PL Mapping Sher (Physics, COE)
Shutang Meng Double breakdown of laser-induced plasma 4mm above liquid surface Hüwel (Physics)


Julia Brody-Barre Engaging Experimental Subjects: Psychologists’ Reports on their Research Participants, 1968-1970 Morawski (Psychology,FGSS, SISP)
Maya Faber, Ellie Flynn, Ava Galdenzi, Kayla Penza, Christina Xu Blind Spots and Sweet Spots: Implementing Guided Play Through the Wesleyan Preschool Math Games Shusterman (Psychology, Education Studies)
Danielle Greene Pick Your Poison: Differences in Sleep-Wake Behaviors for Non-, Inferquent, and Regular Users of Vaping Devices, Marijuana, and Alcohol Dubar (Psychology)
Gunter Haug-Pavlak Responses to Racial Violence: Colorblindness and Perceptions of Black Forgiveness Perez (Psychology)
Maeve Hoffman A Meta-Analytic Investigation of Metacognitive Therapies for Schizophrenia-Spectrum Illness Kurtz (Psychology, NS&B)
Lilli Liu The Incidental Self-Reference Effect in Patients with Schizophrenia Kim (Psychology)
Prakriti Mittal Patalano (Psychology, NS&B)