Research Examples

The College of Integrative Sciences supports research that is both interdisciplinary and integrative.  Students are welcome to contact potential mentors who may or may not be presently listed as CIS faculty.  Below are examples of some recent past interdisciplinary projects.  These are dual mentored projects, but new projects may have only a single mentor, provided they are inherently interdisciplinary.

SPLIT: an Algorithm to Distinguish Ecotypes through Gene Mutations; advisors Cohan (Biology) and Krizanc (Math)
Inhibition of Specific Cancer Cell Lines Using Rocaglamide Derivatives; advisors O'Neil (Chemistry) and Calter (Chemistry)
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of ALS-Causing Superoxide Dismutase I Mutations: advisors Smith (Chemistry) and  O'Neil (Chemistry)
Fingerprinting Biomolecules and the Detection of Disease Markers through the Use of Rhodium Nanocubes for Surface  Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy; advisors Personick (Chemistry) and Mukerji (MB&B)
Elucidation of Interactions between Integration Host Factor and Holliday Junction; advisors Mukerji (MB&B) and Etson (Physics)
Molecular Dynamics of the Ribosome Decoding Center; advisors Weir (Biology), Krizanc (Math), and Thayer (CIS)