Research Examples

The College of Integrative Sciences supports research that is both interdisciplinary and integrative.  Students are welcome to contact potential mentors who may or may not be presently listed as CIS faculty.  

Below are examples of research presented by CIS and RIS fellows during the recent summer program:




College of Integrative Sciences

 Adin Dowling

Broadband Transmission Enabled by High Order Exceptional Point Degeneracy Reflectionless Modes Kottos (Physics, Math, CIS, SISP)

Pete Hwang

Probing Wobble Base Pairing and Ribosome Function Thayer (CIS, Biophysics) and Weir (Biology, Biophysics, CIS, Informatics and Modeling)

Jessica Luu

Probing the Electronic Properties of Plasmonic Nanoparticles Using Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy Sher (Physics, CIS, COE) and Personick (Chemistry)

Chi Phan

MD-Based Energetic Networks of P53 Isoforms’ Sector Residues Thayer (CIS, Biophysics)

Sofia Rinaldi

Shaken or stirred? The kinematics and morphology of early massive galaxies Wellons (Astronomy, CIS)

Mingyu Wang

Expression and purification of Vibrio cholerae Bap1 insoluble loop from Escherichia coli Olson (MB&B, Biophysics, CIS)

Patton Yin

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Drug Design Thayer (CIS, Biophysics)


Aliya Nurmohamed Planetary Shadows: Resolving Debris Disk Substructures Hughes (Astronomy, CIS)
Chris Tian Monitoring Stellar Activities of Exoplanet Hosts with Small Robotic Telescope Redfield (Astronomy, Planetary Science, CIS)


Maya Alicki, Ben McMahon Caterpillars in Context: Exploring Tri-Trophic Interactions on White Oak Singer (Biology, Environmental Studies)
Fiona Carroll Using Immunohistochemistry to Correlate DARPP-32 and CaMKlla Expression in the Zebra Finch Song System Aaron (Biology, NS&B, CIS)
Katherine Fhu Investigating the Roles of Ecdysone Signaling in Adult Drosophila Coolon (Biology, Biophysics, CIS)
Derek Jann Muscle homeostasis in 13-lined ground squirrels Feng (Biology, NS&B)
Hannah Kwa, Leo Mercado Sex, Hormone Status, and Isolation Impacts Development of Rapid Tolerance to Alcohol's Anxiety Reducing Effects Melón (Biology, NS&B, CIS, FGSS)
Savannah Ryan Dual-purpose nanoplastic bioremediators: paving the way for sustainable agriculture Cohan (Biology, COE, Environmantal Studies, CIS)
Brianna Taylor Characterizing depression-like symptoms in the thirteen-lined ground squirrel Feng (Biology, NS&B)


Oliver Clarke Polymerization Kinetics of Sulfur Functional Group Containing Norbornene Derivitives Elling (Chemistry, CIS)
Maya Goldgisser Synthesis of Rocaglamide Analogs

Smith (Chemistry, Biophysics, MB&B, CIS)

Leonard Majaducon Probing Prototropic Exchange with Chromium(III) Complexes Westmoreland (Chemistry, CIS)
Beatrice Oey, Ugochukwu Osondu, Avi Sriram Characterization of Protein Extraction and Metal Ion Quantification in tRNA/rRNA Modifying Enzymes in PCAD-MEMO Superfamily Taylor (Chemistry, Biophysics, Environmental Studies)
Mia Pakola Enantioselective Synthesis of IFB-like product C70 via Asymmetric Catalysis Calter (Chemistry)
Carolyn Sam Investigating Aminoglycosides as Inhibitors of Heptosyltransferase I Taylor (Chemistry, Biophysics, Environmental Studies, CIS)
Phyllis Schram Effects of the N53D Mutation on the Structural Properties and Folding Characteristics of Superoxide Dismutase O'Neil (Chemistry, NS&B, Biophysics, CIS, Biology)

Computer Science

Nishant Aggarwal The Invisible Threat: Exploring Mobile Privacy Concerns Zimmeck (Computer Science, QAC)
Miles Henle Chat Bots to Circumvent Internet Censorship Manfredi (Computer Science, CIS)
Judeley Jean-Charles Privacy Pioneer Zimmeck (Computer Science, QAC)

Earth and Environmental Science

Melissa Arenas Investigating Pliocene Iceberg flux and related environmental changes using Antarctic deep-sea sediments O'Connell (E&ES, CIS)
Grace Goodman Constraining Water Mass Change in the Canadian Western Interior Seaway during OAE1d Bryant (E&ES)
Lilly Hochhauser Pseudotachylyte Formation at Dip Slip Faults Resor (E&ES, Education Studies)
Iris Jiang Water in Lunar Glass Greenwood (E&ES)
Carlos Ordonez Hydrogen in Almahata Sitta Greenwood (E&ES)
Aidan Trendell Comparing morphological change in planktonic foraminifera during global carbon cycle change. Bryant (E&ES)


Michael Horsepa Representation Theory of SU(2) Adeboye (Math)
Tomás Pérez Second Derivative Test for n-Real Valued Functions Adeboye (Math)

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Omar Gonzalez, David Jusino MvaI flipping does not require a pseudo-bound state Etson (MB&B, Biophysics, Chemistry, Physics, CIS)
Gwyneth MacDonough Investigating Roles of Histones H1 and H2A.Z in Chromosome Stability of S. cerevisiae Holmes (MB&B, CIS)


Mathis Blanc, Othmane El-Houssi Exit Properties of Planar Three Body Problem for Stars and Molecules Stewart (Physics, Environmental Studies, CIS)
Nich Drake Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy near an Aqueous/Gaseous Solution Hüwel (Physics)
Owen Dunton Indirect Training of a Machine-Learned Interatomic Potential to Model Ge2Sb2Te5 Starr (Physics, Biophysics, CODES, MB&B, CIS)
Teddy Manning Asynchronous Time Resolved Terahertz Spectroscopy Sher (Physics, CIS, Environmental Studies)
Elias Matthews Chirality and Sedimentation Voth (Physics, CODES, CIS)


Eliana Bloomfield The Self in Attention & Memory ~ Any Connection?

Kim (Psychology, CIS)

Danielle Garten Exploring Faroese Adolescents' Mobility: A Pilot Study Shusterman (Psychology, Education Studies)
Andy Lisheng The Onto-Genesis and Symbolic Logic of Boundary Making Morawski (Psychology, FGSS, SISP)
Cole Zetterquist Moral Self-Image and Black History Knowledge Perez (Psychology, CIS)