Poster Session

Welcome to the Summer 2021 Research Poster Session website! Each year our summer research program culminates with a poster session in which we celebrate the accomplishments of our students. Of course, with Covid-19 we've had to modify how we are viewing and presenting the work, so we've created this virtual poster session. During the past 10 weeks, over 150 students from all across the university performed research with a faculty mentor, which the students are presenting on their 'poster sites.' Feel free to browse around, student projects are listed either by name or by department. Each student's 'poster site' has their photo, a short biography and their poster. You can leave a comment or question for the student in the box below the poster.


To emulate the excitement and camaraderie of the live poster session, we have scheduled a live zoom session from 1:15-2:30 pm on Thursday, August 6. During that time students will be hosting their individual zoom sessions and presenting their posters. Each student has their own individual zoom link, found on the student's poster site. On the 30th, we encourage you to take a 'digital walk' through the posters, where you can visit a student's zoom session, hear their presentation and engage with the speaker interactively. Our idea is that during the 'live zoom poster session,' viewers will visit the student poster sites in the same manner that they would have visited the poster easels during the in-person session. Please do use the comment box on the poster site to either ask questions or provide a comment. Students are asked to monitor their comment boxes for one week after the session to respond to your comments.


We thank the following groups and individuals for their financial support: Academic Affairs, College of the Environment, individual departments, individual mentors, the McNair program, the Quantitative Analysis Center, the CIS Research in the Sciences program, WesMaSS, alumni donors: Joshua Boger, Shonni Silverberg, the Sonnenblick, Lacrosse and Siegal families.