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Summer 2023

The 2023 Research in Science summer program symposium was held Thursday, July 27, 2023

  • Oral Presentations 9:30am-11:00am, Shanklin 107
    • 14 students across 9 disciplines participated in our first ever oral presentations
  • Keynote Lecture 12pm, Exley 150 
    • Organizing a tissue: lessons from Drosophila, Ruth Johnson, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Poster Session 1:30pm-3:00pm, Exley Lobby 
    • 126 posters were presented as part of our annual poster session

 You can read about the event in Wesleyan's newsletter here.

Scientific Imaging Prize

prize winners Terry Brannigan and Maya Alicki receive a giant check from Director Seth Redfield and Program Coordinator Anika Dane

First prize winner Terry Brannigan, with Anika Dane, Maya Alicki, and Seth Redfield 


Brannigan.png 1st Place, Terry Brannigan

This image displays stretching orientations of fluid elements in turbulent flow. This was calculated with a numerical simulation of a turbulent flow, and actually gives a first look into how we can parse these complicated fluid flows of chaos. Areas where the color changes rapidly (i.e. the “scar lines” strewn throughout this flow) are called alignment inversion surfaces, and we are beginning to show how these structures will become key to understanding turbulent flow in the future.

Alicki.jpg 2nd Place, Maya Alicki

A master of disguise hidden in plain sight. This image depicts a Catocala amica caterpillar’s stealthy artistry by camouflaging into the white oak (Quercus alba) bark. ... During setup and sampling days on the field sites, my lab group and I inspect the branches carefully, looking for caterpillars, ants, and phloem-feeding insects. We collect caterpillars for identification and measuring in the lab. It's truly captivating to witness the diversity among the insects we study, particularly when observing them in their natural habitat. One such example is when an insect seamlessly blends into the tree bark, showcasing its exceptional camouflage skills as a defense against predators, such as the caterpillar in this photo. It was spotted while inspecting a white oak tree and setting up a field experiment at the Portland reservoir in Meshomasic State Forest, CT in early June. Can you spot her?

 image_contest_IrisJIANG2023.png3rd Place, Iris Jiang

SpongeBob and Pearl are having fun together under sea. Maybe they’re dancing some kind of waltz? The currents in the ocean also rotate along with their dance steps. It’s another beautiful day. 

Nothing's shape was altered; I simply filled different mineral grains with various colors according to the cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants. Additionally, the original image is located on the right of the colored one. 

Maureen Snow Poster Prize

for excellence in Science Communication 

The prize winners receive a giant check

 Shana Sperry, Seth Redfield, and Anika Dane with our winners.

shusterman-lab-poster.jpg1st Place, Mady Davis-Troller, Veronica Hearne, Marie-Claire Smith



2nd Place, Darren Boyce 


3rd Place, Brianna Taylor


Runners-up, Aaron Foote, Veronica Goss, Sofia Rinaldi


Honorable Mentions

Nishant Aggarwal Miles Henle
Maya Alicki, Ben McMahon, & Nicole Steigerwald Jessica Luu
Julia Armeli Gwyneth MacDonough
Terry Brannigan Elias Mathews
Angie Collado Hanan Omar
Katherine Fhu Angela Rojas-Merchan
Cristi Gonzalez Lily Rudofsky

Scenes from the Poster Session

a young woman smiles in front of her scientific poster

Angela Rojas-Merchan, Elling Lab

a young woman smiles beside scientific poters

Mia Virtue (MHS), Elling Lab 

a young woman smiles in front of her scientific poster

Maya Goldgisser, Smith Lab

a young man in a suit stands beside his scientific poster

Mingyu Wang, Olson Lab

a young woman smiles beside her poster

Mallika Srinivas, QAC 

a photo of a cake featuring the CIS logo

RIS Summer Program Poster Session Reception

Professor Redfield gives a passionate welcome

Director Seth Redfield

Professor Johnson presents her research

Keynote speaker Ruth Johnson

students present their research

A successful summer!

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