In late 2009, a joint educational initiative was started between members of the Wesleyan University faculty in the natural science and mathematics departments and several of the science-math teachers at Middletown High School. The goal was to create a partnership to create opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to attend lectures and to do research in Wesleyan’s labs over the summer. This collaborative program was intended to extend the educational opportunities of the Middletown high school students, and to leverage the impact of the research programs at Wesleyan. Over the years the program has facilitated the integration of a select, but growing number of Middletown high school students into Wesleyan research labs.

Students in the program work in faculty labs over the summer, interacting with graduate and undergraduate students as well as their faculty mentors. They develop projects and complete research that can be presented at science fairs and conferences on and off campus. Outside of their research, students attend lectures and workshops presented by the CIS Research in Science summer program. The students may also attend lab meetings that include presentations by graduate and undergraduate students. Lab workers keep up with current articles in related research publications and students have access to the university libraries and facilities. Students who participate in the Collaborative learn valuable techniques and gain exceptional experience. They've gone on to study at colleges across the country, including Wesleyan.


  • 11:30am Welcome
  • 12:00pm Lunch with faculty and student mentors
  • 1:00pm Lab Safety Training
  • Eligibility
    High school juniors, seniors, and recent graduates are eligible to apply. Students must be at least sixteen years old. They should live in Middletown or the surrounding area and must organize their own transportation.
  • Program Parameters

    The Collaborative runs from June 12, 2023 to July 28, 2023.

    Collaborative fellows will be assigned to a faculty lab and gain access to the Wesleyan science complex, libraries, and campus events related to the Research in Science summer program. High school students are not authorized to work in the lab or with any scientific equipment while unsupervised. Collaborative fellows will determine a schedule with their faculty and student mentors. At a minimum they should expect to shadow a research fellow and attend lab meetings, weekly lectures, and the final poster session. 

  • Application
    The 2023 application is closed. If you have any questions, please reach out to