Summer Research

Research Fellowships for Wesleyan Undergraduates

The 2024 summer program for research in the sciencesprogram runs June 3 to July 26, 2024.

Wesleyan science faculty members serve as mentors for student research in their laboratories. To complement the research experience, the summer program also includes weekly seminars and workshops, a symposium, various social events, and a closing Poster Session. 

The Research in Science Summer Fellowship is a full-time paid position. Research Fellows will be paid hourly at a rate of $17.50/hour for an expected 37.5 hours per week. A student who works all of these hours would receive approximately $5000. It is expected that all summer students will work full time on their research and will not take on additional part-time employment during the summer program.

The Research in Science Summer Program is an in-person on-campus research experience. In a small number of select cases, research may be done remotely if required and strongly advocated by the faculty mentor. In many cases, research cannot be conducted virtually. 

College of Integrative Sciences Fellows

The College of Integrative Sciences (CIS) supports student research that emphasizes interdisciplinary and integrative approaches.  CIS offers Science Fellowships to all CIS majors

Other Research Support

Summer research support is offered by several other Wesleyan programs: