Chemistry is the science of molecules. Scientific, medical, and technological phenomena ultimately are understood in terms of molecular structure and interactions. Understanding of chemistry is essential to effective work in all sciences, and some knowledge of chemistry is useful in such fields as law, government, business, and art.  Many aspects of our high-technology society can be understood better from the viewpoint of chemistry. 


Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Chemistry
in Chemical Biology with a research program at the interface of Chemistry and Neuroscience

Faculty Visitor Position in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)


Of Note

The Chemistry Department is happy to announce the addition of New Faculty starting July 1, 2017

Carlos Carlos Alberto Jimenez-Hoyos
is a computational chemist,
with expertise in computing the
catalytic processes of transition
metal surfaces and nanoparticles.

Picture of Colin Smith Colin A. Smith
is a biophysicist,
and his work focuses
on understanding and
characterizing protein dynamics 
to better understand allostery
and enzyme function.

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