Courses for Majors in Other Science Departments:

Scientists majoring in areas other than chemistry can prepare themselves better for work in their discipline by having a grounding in chemistry, which will enable them to understand molecular phenomena.

The Chemistry Department offers two yearlong tracks of General Chemistry CHEM 141/CHEM 142 or CHEM 143/CHEM 144. The CHEM 143/CHEM 144 sequence, requiring some prior chemistry and calculus, provides a more sophisticated introduction and represents a better preparation for science majors. The CHEM 141/CHEM 142 sequence requires no previous exposure to chemistry or calculus, and emphasizes environmental and biological applications.

CHEM 152 Introductory Chemistry Laboratory, is taken concurrently with CHEM 143 in the fall semester or with CHEM 142 or CHEM 144, in the spring semester.

Principles of Organic Chemistry I/II CHEM 251/CHEM 252, normally follows Introductory Chemistry.

The laboratory courses, CHEM 257 the Intermediate Chemistry Laboratory; and CHEM 258, the Organic Chemistry Laboratory, are usually taken concurrently with CHEM 251/CHEM 252, respectively. The two courses, Introductory Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, plus the laboratory sequence, CHEM 152CHEM 257 and CHEM 258, are required for admission to medical, dental, and veterinary schools.