Chemistry Department Colloquium, Spring 2024
Coordinated by Professor Ben Elling

Seminars are held at 3:30 p.m. in ESC058

CHEM 522






February 2 Prof. Arthi Jayaraman University of Delaware Computational Methods for Analyses of Small Angle Scattering and Microscopy Measurement Results from Polymeric Materials Ben Elling
February 9 Prof. Catherine Drennan MIT Revealing the Secrets of Metalloenzymes One Snapshot at a Time David Westmoreland
February 16 Prof. Yongku Cho University of Connecticut Engineering Strategies for Alzheimer’s Disease Biotherapeutics Alison O'Neil 
February 23 Prof. Andrei Alexandrescu University of Connecticut NMR Forays Into Some Unexplored Areas of Biophysics: Unconventional Zinc Fingers and Subcellular Metabolomics Colin Smith
March 1 Prof. Patrick Hrdlicka University of Idaho Sequence-Unrestricted Recognition of Double-Stranded DNA Using Invader Probes Pawan Sharma
April 5 Prof. Seth Herzon  Yale University  Total Synthesis of Securines and Securamines Brian Northrop
April 19 Prof. Paul Rablen Swarthmore College Are CN (and a Few Other EWG’s) Really Meta-Directors in Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution? Carlos Jimenez-Hoyos
April 26 Prof. Austin Evans  University of Florida Electrochemical Modification and Degradation of Macromolecules Ben Elling
May 3 Prof. Amy Howell  University of Connecticut Exploring and Exploiting the Reactivities of Unusual Oxetanes Michael Calter