Past Symposium Topics and Speakers

2012  "Better Chemistry Through Quantum Mechanics: A celebration of Prof. George A. Petersson's 70th birthday"
Speaker Affiliation Title
Prof. Paolo Carloni German Research School of Simulation Science "Excess proton at water/hydrophobic interfaces: A Car-Parrinello MD study."
Prof. G. Barney Ellison University of Colorado "Climate Change, Biomass Energy, Organic Radicals, & George Petersson."
Prof. Joseph Francisco Perdue University "New Perspective on Radical Chemistry in Atmospheric and Combustion Processes from  Computational Chemistry."
Prof. Kirk A. Peterson Washington State University "Complete basis set limits for high accuracy ab initio = predictions of thermochemistry and spectroscopy."
Prof. Krishnan Raghavachari Indiana University "Towards accurate electronic structure methods for large molecules."
Prof. Kenneth B. Wiberg Yale University "CBS Calculations for Reactions and Properties of Me20 and Me2C=0 and S, Se, NH, PH and AsH counterparts."
2010  "Green Energy  and Biofuel Technology"
Speaker Affiliation Title
Professor George W. Huber University of Massachusetts

"Pyrolysis Based Technologies for the Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass into Fuels and Chemicals"

Dr. Paul M Mathias Fluor Corporation

"Analysis of Carbon Capture"

Dr. Edward Rubin US Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute (JGI) and Genomics Division Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

 "Bioenergy Genomics"

Prof. Pamela Silver Harvard Medical School

"Harnessing the sun: Design principles for converting photons to fuels"

Prof. Ranjan Srivastava University of Connecticut

"Cellular Engineering of Escherichia coli for Hydrogen Production"


2006   "Challenges to Chemistry from Other Sciences"



Prof. Michael Frenklach University of California, Berkeley

"Reaction mechanism of carbon formation: from Bunsen burner to Diesel engine"

Prof. Klavs Jensen Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"Chemical and Biological Microsystems - Revolutionizing the Laboratory"

Prof. Mark Reed Yale University "Atomic and Molecular Scale
Electronic Transport"
Prof. Greg Rutledge Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The Chemistry of Polymer Engineering"

Prof. Kristen Sellgren Ohio State University

"Dust and Gas Between The Stars: Challenges in Interstellar Astrochemistry"

Prof. Harel Weinstein Weill Medical College of Cornell University

"Analysis of Cell Function: Where Chemistry Meets Systems Biology"

2005   "Chirality"



Prof. Geoffrey W. Coates Cornell University
"New Catalysts for Constructing Small Molecules and Polymers of Defined Stereochemistry"
Prof. David A. Evans Harvard University "From Crystal Structures to Chiral Catalysts"
Dr. Michael J. Frisch Wesleyan University and Gaussian, Inc. "Spectroscopy of Chiral Molecules"
Dr. Edward J. J. Grabowski Merck Research Laboratories "Novel Asymmetric Hydrogenations"
Prof. Kendall N. Houk University of California, Los Angeles "Theory and Modeling of Stereoselectivity"
Prof. Eric N. Jacobsen Harvard University "Seeking General Asymmetric Catalysts"
2004  "The Molecular Basis of Materials Science"



Dr. A. Paul Alivisatos University of California, Berkeley "Nanocrystals as a New Class of Macromolecules"
Dr. Robert R. Birge University of Connecticut "Protein-Based Memories and Associative Processors"
Dr. Paul C. Canfield Iowa State University "Energy Scales and Strangers Tales: The Physics of New Materials"
Dr. Tobin J. Marks Northwestern University "Self-Assembly Routes to Nanoscale Photonic and Electronic Structures and Devices"
Dr. George M. Whitesides Harvard University "Dynamic Self-Assembly"
2003  "Metals in Medicine"
Speaker Affiliation Title
Dr. Peter C. Preusch National Institutes of Health, NIGMS "Biomedical Significance and Inorganic Chemistry"
Dr. Dennis P. Riley MetaPhore Pharmaceuticals, Inc. "Functional Mimetics of Superoxide Dismutase Enzymes as Human Pharmaceuticals"
Prof. Jonathan L. Sessler University of Texas at Austin "Expanded Porphyrins and Therapeutic Leads"
Dr. Randall B. Lauffer EPIX Medical, Inc. "Biophysical Tuning and Targeting of Gadolinium Chelates for MRI"
Prof. Christopher Orvig University of British Columbia "Insulin-Enhancing Vanadium Compounds"
Prof. Stephen J. Lippard Massachusetts Institute of Technology "Chemical and Biological Studies of Platinum Anticancer Drugs"
2002  "Perspective in Chemistry"
Speaker Affiliation Title
Prof. Harry H. Wasserman Yale University "Natural Product Synthesis as a Matrix for Testing New Methodology.   Polycarbonyl Chemistry"
Prof. Robert H. Grubbs California Institute of Technology "Catalysts for the Synthesis of Large and Small Molecules"
Professor Cynthia M. Friend Harvard University "New Frontiers in Nanoscale Materials: Growth, Structure and Reactivity"
Prof. Henry F. Schaefer University of Georgia "Molecular Anions: A Wealth of Important, Uncharacterized Systems. From Diatomics to DNA Base Pairs and Beyond"
Prof. Gregory F. Petsko Brandeis University "The Birth and Development of Structural Enzymology"
Prof. Ronald C. D. Breslow Columbia University "Bioorganic Chemistry"
2001  "The Ribosome: Chemistry and Structural Biology"
Speaker Affiliation Title
Prof. Joachim Frank State University of New York at Albany The Ribosome - A Molecular Machine in Motion as Seen by Cryo-Electron Microscopy
Prof. Jamie H. D. Cate Massachusetts Institute of Technology Structure and Function of the Ribosome
Dr. Brian T. Wimberly Pharmacia Corporation The Small Ribosomal Subunit: High-Resolution Structure and Interactions with Antibiotics
Prof. Peter B. Moore Yale University Structure and Function in the Large Ribosomal Subunit
Prof. Rachel Green Johns Hopkins University A Functional Dissection of Ribosomal Translocation
Prof. David E. Drapper Johns Hopkins University RNA Tertiary Folding and Protein Recognition in a Corner of the Ribosome
2000   "Where Chemistry Meets Art and Archeology"
Speaker Affiliation Title
Prof. Dudley Herschbach Harvard University  
Dr. Walter McCrone McCrone Research Institute Authenticating Paintings: The Shroud of Turin
Prof. Joseph B. Lambert Northwestern University Organic Materials as Archaeological Artifacts
Prof. Nikolaas Van Der Merwe Harvard University Archeometry: Prehistoric Diets via Isotope Analysis
Dr. Barbara Berrie National Gallery of Art Art and Chemistry: Two Ways of Seeing
Prof. R. J. H. Clark University College, London Raman Microscopy: Its Application to the Identification of Pigments on Manuscripts, Paintings and other Artifacts
Prof. Wilfred N. Arnold University of Kansas Medical Center Vincent van Gogh: Chemicals, Crises and Creativity
1999   "Modern Natural Products Chemistry: A Symposium in Honor of Satoshi Omura"
Speaker Affiliation
Prof. Satoshi Omura Kitasato Institute
Prof. Amos B. Smith, III University of Pennsylvania
Prof. Peter Jacobi Dartmouth College
Prof. K. Barry Sharpless Scripts Research Institute
Dr. Suan Rohrer Merck Research Laboratories
1998  "Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate in a Changing Global Environment"
Speaker Affiliation
David W. Fahey National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Jamers G. Anderson Harvard University
John H. Seinfeld California Institute of Technology
Karl K. Turekian Yale University
Wallace S. Broecker Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia
Steven C. Wofsy Harvard University
1997  "Extraterrestrial Chemistry & Biology"
Speaker Affiliation
Ralph Harvey Case Western Reserve University
William Klemperer Harvard University
Leslie E. Orgel Salk Institute for Biological Studies
William J. Schopf University of California at Los Angeles
Patrick Thaddeus Harvard University-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysicis
Richard N. Zare Stanford University
Speaker Affiliation
Brunger, Axel T. Yale University
Buckingham, A. David University of Cambridge
Pople, John A. Northwestern University
Raghavachari, Krishnan AT&T Bell Laboratories
Stillinger, Frank H. AT&T Bell Laboratories
Wiberg, Kenneth B. Yale University
Speaker Affiliation
Neil Bartlett University of California, Berkeley
Joshua S. Boger Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Thomas C Bruice University of California, Santa Barbara
Martin Karplus Harvard University
Kurt Wüthrich ETH, Zurich
Ahmed H. Zewail California Institute of Technology