College of the Environment
College of the Environment

The most important challenge facing current and future generations of humans will be the quality of the environment and the allocation of dwindling natural resources among populations. In the face of severe challenges, we believe in the possibility of changing the trajectory of humans on the planet for the better. To that end, Wesleyan’s College of the Environment seeks to develop informed citizens who can discuss environmental issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, understand their connections to social or political issues, and derive well-formulated independent conclusions.



The College of the Environment announces the 2017 Summer and Fall Internship Program available for Wesleyan University Students.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017 - 4:15pm - Shanklin 107 - "Wastelands and Wilderness: Nuclear Lands"

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Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 4:30pm - Usdan 108 - "Rediscovering American Landscape Painters"

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Talk Description: An account of the academic training of the first generation of American art scholars, many of whom studied in the 1960s at Harvard, where there was no Americanist, and even a bias against the modern field at large. Similarly, most took advantage of the collections (largely in storage) at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts (where there was also no curator of American art). The great paradox was their accomplishment of rediscovering several long neglected or obscured landscape painters (Lane, Heade, and Church), now regarded as our finest and most eloquent artists of the mid-19th century.

John Wilmerding is Sarofim Professor American art, emeritus, at Princeton University. He has also taught at Harvard and Yale. He served as the first curator of American art at the National Gallery of Art, then deputy director, and most recently as chair of its board of trustees. He is a trustee of the Guggenheim Museum, Crystal Bridges Museum, and the Wyeth Foundation. Author of more than twenty books on American art and culture, he first wrote about Fitz Henry Lane and Frederic Edwin Church, and lately about Richard Estes, Tom Wesselmann, and Robert Indiana. Currently, he is completing a book titled "Eyesight and Insight: The Depiction of Eyeglasses in American Art."