College of the Environment
College of the Environment

The most important challenge facing current and future generations of humans will be the quality of the environment and the allocation of dwindling natural resources among populations. In the face of severe challenges, we believe in the possibility of changing the trajectory of humans on the planet for the better. To that end, Wesleyan’s College of the Environment seeks to develop informed citizens who can discuss environmental issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, understand their connections to social or political issues, and derive well-formulated independent conclusions.


Saturday, October 8 - Long Lane Farm Pumpkin Festival - Long Lane Farm - 12pm-4pm

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Join us for our Annual Long Lane Farm Pumpkin Festival located at the corner of Long Lane and Wadsworth Street. This year's event will have tours of the farm, a vendor market, activities, crafts, music, tie dying and much more!

We will provide complimentary Wesleyan Van Service from WEShop and Usdan from 12pm - 1pm.
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Monday, October 31 - Assembly & Anthropogenic Alterations in Kelp Forest Ecosystems: Historical Perspectives from Deep Time - Usdan 108 - 12:10pm

David R. Lindberg is Professor Emeritus of Integrative Biology, Curator Emeritus in the UC Museum of Paleontology, and a former member of the Center for Computational Biology at UC Berkeley.

Professor Lindberg talk: Understanding modern ecological responses to global change requires the integration of data that bridges and connects ecological, evolutionary and geological time scales. Here we examine paleontogical and archaeological records of kelp forest taxa to provide a history of the principal players in today's kelp forests and assess their origin, continuity, and past responses to natural and human-induced perturbations.

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