For Majors


  • Is a senior thesis required for the major?
    No. A senior thesis, whether a written history thesis, a screenplay, or a 16mm, digital video, or virtual project, is strictly optional and is not required for completion of the major.
  • Is every major able to make a senior film?
    No. Due to high demand and limited resources, we can not guarantee that all majors who wish to do so will be able to make a 16mm film, digital video, or virtual senior thesis. However, any major may write a history thesis or screenplay, or elect not to complete a thesis project.
  • Can I take my introductory production course (Sight and Sound or Introduction to Digital Filmmaking) at the same time as I am making a senior thesis film?
    No. Your introductory production course must be completed during your junior year if you intend to make a senior thesis film, video, or virtual project.
  • Can I submit a film thesis to two different departments?
    The Film Studies Dept. does not allow students to undertake a single film-related thesis that will be evaluated by faculty in both Film Studies and another department, or that will be shared between departments in any way. Therefore, students who double major should choose whether to embark on a thesis in Film Studies or on a separate unrelated thesis in their other major. Since Film Studies does not require a senior thesis, and encourages double majors, we will in no way prevent a student from completing an entirely separate thesis in their other major.
  • How frequently is each Film Studies course offered?
    Course offerings vary from year to year and not all courses are available in every year. Film 304 will generally be offered in the spring and Film 307 will generally be offered in the fall. Please plan your programs accordingly.
  • How do cross-listed courses work?
    Many film electives are cross-listed with other programs and departments; only film courses listed or cross-listed as Film Studies count toward the major.
  • Which Film Studies courses do not count toward the major?
    Production electives, senior theses, and First-Year Initiative courses count toward graduation but not toward fulfillment of the major. The Film Studies Department will NOT approve credit for a student forum on the topic of the moving image in any department. Film Majors should pursue the discipline of Film Studies in approved, vetted, courses. Students wishing to participate in a forum not on the topic of the moving image must submit a syllabus and the name of the sponsoring professor for our review. The Film Studies Department will contact the professor and evaluate the forum before approval.
  • Can I get a tutorial in Film Studies?
    No. The Film Studies Department does not offer group or individual tutorials other than senior thesis projects.
  • How can I crew for a senior film?
    Opportunities for crewing on individual senior films are available, but not for credit. Those interested in crewing should consult bulletin boards in the Center for Film Studies early in the fall semester for flyers and sign-up lists for senior productions.
  • Can I transfer Film Studies credits from other institutions?
    Maybe. Credits for Film Studies courses transferred from other institutions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Chair. You should consult with the Chair regarding transfer of credits before attending courses at another institution.
  • How will study abroad impact my film major?

    Students who are considering study abroad should attempt to schedule their time away from campus for either a summer, the spring of sophomore year, or the fall of junior year. Spending your entire junior year abroad is strongly discouraged, as it makes completion of the major quite difficult, and eliminates your chance to complete a senior film, video, or virtual project.

  • How can I work for the Film Series?
    Students interested in working for the Film Series should contact a member of the Film Board. Paid positions exist for cashiers, projectionists, and house managers.  It is best to contact Lea Carlson,, or Sarah Chrystler,, at the beginning of the Fall semester before training begins.
  • How do I find internships in film?
    Film Studies works in conjunction with Career Resources to find suitable internship opportunities for students interested in working in film and television. We encourage students interested in internships to consider applying for the summers following their sophomore and junior years. For more information on internships, please consult with the department Chair.