Information on Booking a Film Event at the Jeanine Basinger Center for Film Studies

The Jeanine Basinger Center for Film Studies (JBCFS) is an academic building. Our first priority is to accommodate FILM classes and FILM students’ course needs. This includes events that are the culmination of classwork for the Film Department classes, thesis and capstone work as well as the Film Workshop and the Wesleyan Film Series. 

The College of Film and the Moving Image (CFILM) is at capacity for the remainder of the 23-24 Academic Year and does not have room for any non-film events. Please contact Logan Ludwig with any requests regarding use of our spaces.

Student Groups

Student group requests for film screenings are welcomed, but all such events must be approved by both the Student Activities Office and the Center. Unfortunately, due to limited facilities and scheduling opportunities, no student group requests for non-film events will be considered.


Equipment maintenance fees (see events forms) will be charged per event. In addition, the cost of the event staffing will be added, which generally costs $120 for a four-hour event (depending on the nature of the event). Those who use Wesleyan facilities, including classrooms, will be billed for any damage to the facilities, grounds, furnishings, or for extra cleaning as a result of the event.

Event Staffing

All Jeanine Basinger Center for Film Studies events will be staffed by at least one to two house managers who will be responsible for the smooth operation of the event. The number of event staff required will be determined by the Center. House managers arrive in advance of the start time and stay through to the end of the event and are there to answer questions, handle audience flow, and otherwise support the event. If the event requires audio/visual needs, including computer, film, and DVD projection, the Center will provide a projectionist trained in the use of our spaces.

Public Performance Rights

The Jeanine Basinger Center for Film Studies will not permit the screening of any material unless the sponsoring group has obtained the public performance rights. It is not the responsibility of the Center to do this, although we offer assistance in determining who the rights holders are and how they may be contacted. For example, even if a group has in its possession a DVD and wishes to show it, the public performance rights to that DVD must be obtained first. Such rights typically cost hundreds of dollars. Public performance authorization must be submitted in writing to the Center prior to any screening. There can be no exceptions to this policy.

Event Booking Form

All groups must submit an event form prior to booking an event. Booking confirmation will be given only after receipt and review of the event form.

Download an event booking form here.
Completed forms should be emailed ( to Lea Carlson at least four weeks in advance of the event.


General facility and events questions, scheduling questions: Lea Carlson, x3542, email
Film booking and public performance questions: Logan Ludwig, x2125, email