Where do I apply?

All students must submit a study abroad program application with Wesleyan on ViaTRM. Depending on your program type, you may also need to submit a second, separate application directly with the program provider (which may have a deadline that is earlier or later than Wesleyan's ViaTRM deadline). 

The only students who do not need to complete a second application outside of ViaTRM are those applying for a Wesleyan-run program or DIS Copenhagen/Stockholm. Also, exchange program applicants will complete an application on ViaTRM before being nominated by the OSA to the exchange institution. You will then be sent the exchange institution's application directly. 

When are the application deadlines? 

Wesleyan's study abroad application deadlines vary by program type and term.You can find an overview of the study abroad program types here. Please keep in mind that these deadlines may differ from your program provider's own application deadlines. 

Fall and Full-Year Programs 
February 22: Wesleyan-run, exchange, and petition programs
March 1: Pre-approved programs 

Spring Programs 
October 1: Wesleyan-run, exchange, and petition programs
October 15: Pre-approved programs

Summer and Winter Programs 
April 1: Summer programs
October 30: Winter programs 

How many programs should I apply for? 

While there are a few programs that are more selective, we recommend that you apply to no more than 1-2 programs. Unlike the college application process, study abroad programs are less selective and the eligibility requirements are lower. The vast majority of Wesleyan students get into their study abroad program of choice.  

Selective programs tend to have early or annual application deadlines and higher GPA requirements. If you wish to apply to one of these programs, make sure you meet the eligibility requirements, apply early, and have a backup program just in case.