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Browse study abroad program options on ViaTRM, Wesleyan's study abroad application system.

A few important things to keep in mind as you explore programs on ViaTRM:

  • Application Deadlines: While all students must submit a study abroad program application with Wesleyan on ViaTRM, you may also need to submit a second, separate application directly with the program provider (which may have a deadline that is earlier or later than Wesleyan's ViaTRM deadline). The only students who do not need to complete a second application outside of ViaTRM are those applying for a Wesleyan-run program (Madrid, Bologna, or Paris) or DIS Copenhagen/Stockholm. Also, exchange program applicants will complete an application on ViaTRM before being nominated by the OSA to the exchange institution; you will then be sent the exchange institution's application directly. 

  • Costs: Some of the program pages include cost information that is incorrect for Wesleyan students. As noted on the Finances and Funding webpage, Wesleyan students are charged Wesleyan tuition for study abroad.

  • Language Requirements: Wesleyan has language requirements that may not be reflected on every program's ViaTRM page. 

Types of Programs

  • Wesleyan Programs

    Wesleyan University runs three semester study abroad programs in Italy, Paris, and Spain in partnership with Vassar College and Wellesley College. These programs emphasize language and cultural immersion. Students from all majors are encouraged to apply! Wesleyan programs abroad offer instruction in all disciplines, through enrollment in either regular university courses or courses taught for foreign students by local faculty.

  • Pre-Approved Programs

    Wesleyan maintains an extensive list of study abroad programs that have been approved based on evaluations by Wesleyan faculty and staff, who have vetted many of them through site visits, and by our students who have submitted positive evaluations of the programs. Programs may be run by study abroad organizations, other universities in the U.S., or by international student offices at universities overseas. 

  • Exchange Programs

    Wesleyan University has bilateral exchange partnerships with several universities throughout the world. Participating in an exchange program is a unique opportunity to dive headfirst into a new culture and university. Students who participate in exchange programs are usually independent and eager to break out of the stereotypical tourist bubble. Many Wesleyan students are also drawn to exchange programs for the language immersion and authentic university experience.  
  • Petition Programs

    Every semester, several students petition to study abroad on programs that are not pre-approved by Wesleyan. The petition process is simple but requires some advanced planning and conversations with the Office of Study Abroad. If you are interested in studying abroad on a semester or yearlong program that is not pre-approved by Wesleyan, check out the petition programs webpage for more information.

  • Summer & Winter Programs

    There are numerous short-term study abroad programs that offer meaningful opportunities for intercultural exchange. Wesleyan students have more flexibility in program choice with short-term programs than semester or academic year programs. Therefore, the Office of Study Abroad does not maintain a list of pre-approved summer and winter programs. As long as your short-term program is legitimate, safe, and your courses are approved by the appropriate department(s), your choice of program is up to you.