Petition Process

If you are interested in studying abroad on a fall, spring, or academic year program not included on Wesleyan's pre-approved list, you may petition for approval. The petition process is simple but requires some advanced planning and conversations with the Office of Study Abroad.

Petitions will be evaluated by the Office of Study Abroad staff and/or by relevant faculty. Since approval is not guaranteed, you are strongly urged to also apply to a pre-approved program as a backup.

Step 1: Meet with the Director of Study Abroad

All petition program applicants must meet with the Director of Study Abroad to discuss their program of interest. Be sure to schedule a petition discussion appointment with Emily before you submit an application. 

Step 2: Submit an application

Once you've met with the Director of Study Abroad, you can submit a petition program application in Wesleyan's ViaTRM application system.  

ViaTRM Petition Deadlines:

Fall semester programs: February 22 

Spring semester programs: October 1 

In your ViaTRM application, you will be asked to include:

  • Your program's relevance to your major
  • A detailed justification explaining how the program will meet your academic needs not met by an approved-list program
  • Evidence of the quality and appropriateness of instruction offered
  • Measures taken by the program to guarantee student health and safety
  • Expectations for academic, linguistic, and cultural immersion
  • Evidence that the program has an equal opportunity or non-discrimination statement

In addition to applying through Wesleyan ViaTRM, you must also complete your desired program's own application. Please note that Wesleyan's ViaTRM application deadline may be earlier or later than your desired program's own application deadline. 

Petition Programs to Try

  • SIT Study Abroad
    SIT programs are framed around the most critical global issues of the day. Each program are interdisciplinary and appropriate for variety of majors. Go to the website to learn more about the 80 programs in 40 different countries.