Summer & Winter Programs 

There are numerous short-term study abroad programs that offer meaningful opportunities for intercultural exchange.  

How to Find a Program 

Wesleyan students have more flexibility in program choice with short-term programs than semester or academic year programs. Therefore, the Office of Study Abroad does not maintain a list of pre-approved summer and winter programs. As long as your short-term program is legitimate, safe, and your courses are approved by the appropriate department(s), your choice of program is up to you. 

Here are some suggestions as you begin your program search: 

  • Suggested Short-term Programs - Some Wesleyan departments have indicated names of short-term programs that they believe would best meet Wesleyan students' needs
  • Pre-approved Semester and Year Programs - OSA's list of pre-approved semester programs is a great resource for students searching for summer options since many of these providers offer short-term programs as well
  • Academic Departments - Faculty in any given department may be able to guide students interested in specific fields of study
  • - A good online resource with thousands of searchable programs for studying or interning abroad
  • Internships Abroad - Find a summer internship abroad through the Gordon Career Center. If you wish to receive credit, you must apply through the Office of Study Abroad prior to your departure

How Credit Works 

For summer and winter programs, all study abroad credits must be approved by the corresponding department(s) regardless of whether or not the credits are intended for the major. Course approvals should be completed prior to your departure. 

Students may transfer a maximum of 2 Wesleyan credits from a summer study abroad program (per summer), and 1 Wesleyan credit from a winter program (per winter). Please see the How Credit Works webpage to learn about how different credit systems impact the amount of credit that is transferred back to Wesleyan. 

Once your application has been accepted in ViaTRM, you will be asked to complete a course approval form. See more information about applying below.

Finances and Funding

Students studying abroad on summer and winter programs will be billed directly by the program provider for all costs, including the program's cost of tuition, room/board, etc.  

Wesleyan financial aid is not available for summer or winter study abroad. However, there are hundreds of study abroad scholarships offered by program providers, government departments, and private organizations. See the Finances and Funding webpage for outside scholarship suggestions. 

How to Apply

All students who plan to study abroad must attend a First Steps meeting before applying.  

Once you’ve attended First Steps, you will complete a Summer / Winter Program application in Wesleyan’s ViaTRM system

ViaTRM Deadlines for Summer/Winter Programs: 

Summer Programs: April 1 

Winter Programs: October 30 

In addition, unless you are applying for a short-term program administered by Wesleyan, you will also apply directly with the program provider. Keep in mind that Wesleyan’s application deadlines may differ from your program’s.