• On-Campus Resources


    Student Groups

    Student Groups can be a great resource for connecting with peers who have had or are having similar experiences.  There are numerous campus organizations linked to the cultures and ideas that you were exposed to while abroad. There are also groups that can support you through the reentry process.


    Classes can be an important way for students to process their experience abroad. Classes can help you deepen and consolidate the knowledge and skills achieved abroad, and they can add new perspectives on the language, history, and culture of your host country.           


    Each student’s experience is unique, yet most returning from abroad react similarly to the challenges of reentry. Talking it through with your peers can be extremely effective and useful when processing your experience. Reach out, socialize and attend events organized by the Fries Center for Global Studies for returnees.

    Class Deans

    Class Deans are also there for support for academic advising or guidance with undertaking different type of issues. 


    Allbritton Center

    The Allbritton Center has valuable resources for students interested in civic engagement. They facilitate Community Partnerships, Service-Learning Opportunities, as well as other resources that can help construct a bridge between your experience abroad and life in Connecticut.          


    It is normal for students to react differently to the reentry experience. CAPS is a great resource if you need some assistance readjusting to life in the United States. CAPS can help students identify strategies and resources for coping.                       

    Office of Study Abroad

    As always, the Office of Study Abroad is here to help you as well. Make an appointment with an advisor and we can help guide you through the process and share some resources with you.

  • Conferences

    Conferences can be a great place to connect with peers and learn how to process your time abroad. Click the links below for more information concerning conferences held in the Connecticut/New England area. Please let our office know if you plan to attend either.

    Lessons from Abroad New England Returnee Conference

    The next conference will be held in Spring 2020. Please check back for updates.

  • External Websites

    These are a couple of websites that provide resources for students who are returning from studying abroad. 

    Small Planet Studio

    This website offers workbooks, journals, podcasts, blogs, etc. You may need to register or pay to access some information on this site.

    What is Up With Culture?

    This website offers modules that students can use to learn about the experience of studying abroad. Module 2 addresses reentry.