The Biological Chemistry track outline:

The Biological Chemistry track consists of the following courses:




1st year

CHEM143 [or 141*] CHEM144 [142*] + CHEM152 Lab
  BIO/MB&B 181   

2nd year

  CHEM257 Lab CHEM258 Lab
  MATH121 or MATH117, preferably the former.
  Also recommended: MATH122 or MATH118 and a year of Physics.

3rd year

CHEM375 Lab CHEM376 Lab
  [One semester of CHEM375  or 376 may be substituted by MB&B/CHEM395, Structural Biology Lab.


CHEM381, Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences
(CHEM337 & 338, Physical Chemistry, can be substituted)
  CHEM383/MB&B383, Biochemistry
  CHEM521;CHEM522; Chemistry Symposia I, II
The three electives normally required for Chemistry majors should be taken from the following**:
  CHEM301, Molecular Biophysics
  CHEM/MB&B321, Biomedicinal Chemistry
  CHEM325/MB&B325, Introduction to Biomolecular Structures
  CHEM355/MB&B355, Topics in Chemical Biology
  CHEM385/MB&B385, Enzyme Kinetics
  CHEM357/MB&B357, Bio-organic Chemistry
  CHEM386/MB&B386, Biological Thermodynamics
  CHEM390/MB&B390, Practical Methods in Biochemistry
  CHEM387/MB&B387, Enzyme Mechanisms
  MB&B208, Molecular Biology
   Also recommended: CHEM587/MB&B587, Seminar Biological Chemistry.
  One upper-level MB&B course may replace MB&B 208 upon approval by the Faculty Advisor. (0nly one MB&B course, not cross-listed with chemistry, may count as an elective towards the major.)
* Students who have been exempted from CHEM144 must take CHEM361, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, in order to gain familiarity with inorganic chemistry.
** Research with a faculty member for two semesters and one summer is also highly recommended. Financial support for summer research is generally available. Two credits of research can be substituted for one elective.