Senior Theses and Essays, 1994-2020







  • Hannah Bernard (essay), "Connecting the Threads of Emotion, Action, and Responsibility in Aeschylus' Libation Bearers."
  • Rosie Kelly (essay), "Conspiracy and Paranoia in the Roman Empire."


  • Oliva Alperstein, "Politics of Memory and Erasure During and After the Reign of Domitian."
  • Katherine Cohen (essay), "In the Name of the Divine Homer: Media and Mythmaking in the Work of Heinrich Schliemann."
  • Alec Jolicoeur (essay), "Cannibalism on Knossos: A Response to Minoan Crisis."
  • Jasper Kubasek (essay), "The Roman peculium: an Institutional Reaction to Restrictive Paternal Power."
  • Alexandra Ozols, "Roman Culinary Poetry: Representations of Food and Dinign in the Late Republic and Early Empire."


  • Alex Ray, "Declamation and Storytelling: First Person Speech in Apuleius' Metamorphoses."
  • Andrea Ruiz-Lopez, "Hellenistic or Roman? A Case Study of a Mosaic in Tel Dor, Israel, in Its Regional Context."


  • Ellie Damaskos (essay), "Eros, virtue and the male homoerotic:  An approach to the speeches of Phaedrus, Pausanias and Aristophanes in Plato's Symposium."
  • Nathaniel Durant, "The Importance of Wind and Air in Book 6 of Lucretius' De Rerum Natura."
  • Nora Hoover, "Translating a Saint:  The Life of Saint Ita and the Early Irish Christianity."
  • Linda Kung, "Girl, Your Wounds Are Beautiful: Beauty, Suffering, and Identity in the Ancient Greek Novel."
  • Julia Mintz (essay), "Catullus' Vocabulary of Evaluation:  Precise Meaning Through Poetic Context."
  • Adam Peck, "The Archaeology of Pan-Hellenic Politics:  Monumental Dedications at Delphi an Cycladic Political Identity."
  • Cheryl Walker, "When I was a Noun: The Modern Carribean Epic."


  • Christina Burkot, "The Role of Ritual in Aristophanic Comedy."
  • Allison House, "Dismemberment, Distraction and Disjointedness: The Metamorphoses as Anti-Epic."
  • Chris Kaltsas, "Spartacus Mythistoricus: Winning Spartacus Into the Mythical."
  • Kevin McKeown, "Dreams, Prophecies and Cures."
  • Amanda Sweeny, "Staging Christianity: How Religion Theatricizes the Divine."


  • Madeline Caldwell (essay), "Percy Jackson and the Olympians."
  • Christi Richardson (essay), "The Role of Prognosis in the Hippocratic Struggle for Reputation and Legitimacy."


  • Trevor Adams (essay), "The Heroic Theme: Ancient Values in Relation to Modern Society"
  • Candace Buckner, "Fashioning the Desert"
  • Thea DeArmond, "The Menelaion"
  • Stephanie Leung (essay), "Camilla and Dido: Roman Identity and Female Sexuality"
  • Thomas Van DenBurgh, Pressule: The Egyptian Ass; or the Incest Motif in Apuleius' The Golden Ass"
  • Frederick Zenker, "The Rural Basis of the Ancient Greek City"


  • Frances Jones, "Tirocinium Imperii: Public School Education in the Victorian Era," the Classical Curriculum, and the British Imperial Ethos."
  • Joanna Kenty, "Tyrants and Tyranny in the Late Roman Republic."
  • Sara Maeder, "The Purest and the Loveliest of Mirrors," the Translation of Greek Myth to Film."
  • Heather Teixeira, "Poetry, Politics, Persuasion: The Rhetoric of Demosthenes and George W. Bush"
  • Jordana Wolfe, "Seeds of Knowledge: Palaeoethnobotany in the Classical World."
  • Sabrina Parez (essay), "Issues in Latin Pedagogy."
  • Cory Savereid (essay), "Under the Influence: How Republican Rome Viewed the Greeks."


  • Tess Amodeo Vickery, "When in Rome."
  • Deborah Schwartz, "'If You Are a Man': Gender Rhetoric in Roman Historiography."


  • Burke Giordano, "Ovidian Irony and Augustan Propaganda."
  • Dan Matzkin, "Sight and Foresight: Blindness in Classical Antiquity."


  • Elizabeth Burnside, "The Myth of Theseus: The Creation of a Hero."
  • Leland Smith, "Homeric Intertextuality in Ovid's Heroides."


  • Dina Guth, "Lyric and the Lyre: Ancient Greek Rhythmic Theory from Antiquity to Byzantium."


  • Adriel Gerard, "The History and Culture of The Scythians."
  • Molly Greenwood, "Spelt from Sibyl's Leaves: Perceptions of the Sibyl's Voice from Classical Antiquity to the Renaissance."
  • Caroline Richardson, "Poor Man's Crystal: Utilitarian Glass of the Common Roman, ca. 50 B.C.-A.D. 450."
  • Laurie Shaner, "Making Sense of Madness: An Analysis of Madness in Fifth-Century B.C. History, Myth, and Religion."


  • Nate Andrade, "The Devil is a Gentleman: Clerics and Ascetics in Late Antiquity."
  • Jessica Clark, "The Gallo-Roman Sanctuary Site of Champlieu (Oise) and the 'Romanization' of Gallia Belgica."
  • Andrew Goldstein, "The Foliate Lyre: The Use of the Countryside in Horace's Odes."
  • Anthony Pacchia, "A Reconsideration of Libertine Gnosticism."


  • Mercedes Barletta, "The Rising Son: Neoptolemus, Telemachus and Orestes in Ancient Greek Literature and Art."
  • Laura Elliott, "Corpora Feminarum: Monstruosa at Miracula."
  • Sara J. Hise, "Humanitas: Foundations of Humanity in the Stoic Writings of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius."


  • Christopher Churchill, "The Vocabulary of Revolution: Rebellion, Accession and the Coins of 68-69 AD."
  • Jesse Kercheval, "A Multimedia Review of Vergil's First Eclogue."
  • Joseph Meyer, "Mithraism, Religious Prominence and Structural Differentiation in the Roman World."
  • Sarah Rosenberg, "The Choicest Gift of the Gods:  Pantomime and the Early Roman Empire."
  • Joanna Smith, "The Archaeology of Herodotus."
  • Steven Staats, "Nature and Anxiety: Epicurean Ethics in Lucretius' De Rerum Natura."
  • Sarah Wilkes, "Common Ideological Tendencies in General-Audience Greek Historiography."


  • Claudia Makadon, "Feminae Libidinosae et Castae: Representations of Women in Ancient Rome."


  • Kristopher Fletcher, "Diomedes, Son of Tydeus: In the Shadow of Achilles."
  • Nancy Shane, "Carmina Comica."
  • Mary Elizabeth Williamson, "Strategies of Consolation:  An Interpretation of the Correspondence of Heloise and Abelard."


  • Joshua Arthurs, "Civis Romanus Sum: Italian Fascism and Roman Antiquity."
  • Joshua Borenstein, "Living on the Boundaries: Hybrid Creatures in Greek Myth and Art."
  • Bret Mulligan, "Roma Aeterna/Roma Christiana: The Transformation of Ideological Rome in Late Antiquity."
  • Brendan O'Toole, "Tellos: A Year in Athens."


  • Lindsay Nichols, "Women in the Comic World of Menander and in Ancient Athens."
  • Charles Vance, "Cavere, Agere, Respondere: The Role of the Roman Jurists in the Development of Law from Q. Mucius Scaevola to Hadrian."


  • Matt Edes-Pierotti, "A Few Good Men: Military Elites in Ancient Greece."
  • Lisa Hastings, "The Rape of Lucretia: Evolution of a Legend Through Literature."
  • Curtis Nelson, "Inspiration, Identity, and the Idea of Order: The Homeric Poems as a Cultural System."
  • Molly Swetnam-Burland, "Personal, Factional, and State Propaganda on Roman Coinage: The Republic to Augustus."


  • Halina Anne Bennet, "Women in Etruscan Aristocratic Society."
  • Angus E. Goldberg, "Uncertain Ideals: Cognitive Dissonance in Athenian History."
  • Sean P. Mazer, "Homeric and Historical Communities."