Awards and Prizes

New Prizes for First Year Language Students

The Department of Classical Studies is pleased to announce two new prizes for students who distinguish themselves in elementary Greek (the Metis Prize) and in elementary Latin (the Egeria Prize). Each award will be for $500. Special consideration will be given to students from backgrounds underrepresented in our discipline, including but not limited to those who: (1) have, as a result of their socio-economic background, membership in a historically underrepresented group, or challenging life experience, overcome substantial obstacles to enroll at Wesleyan; (2) are the first in their family to attend university.

Metis Prize Recipients

2023 Adam Mohn ('26)
2022 Vivian Gu ('23)

Egeria Prize Recipients

2023 August Gardyne ('26)
2022 Jennifer Yu ('23)

Squire Fund

The department makes grants to students from the Squire Fund, which help cover part of the cost of study abroad or other classics-related research and travel, including summer intensive language courses and summer archaeological fieldwork. Below are the squire fund recipients from 2005-2022:

Jesse Winfrey, Nikhil Sekaran, Nick Bowman, Ruby DiCarlo, Beth Cooper, Nina Hirai
2017-2018 Alyssa Aldo, Levi Baruch, Yu Qin, Anna Rodríguez Santory, Andrew Rogers, Maggie Rothberg, Jesse Winfrey
2016-2017 Ward Archibald, Katharine Barnes, Caroline Diemer, Andrew Lam, Brendan McGlone, Anpei Qian, Jack Sheffer
2015-2016 Ward Archibald, Joy Feinberg, Emma Graham, Margot Metz, Maria Ma, Jaime Marvin, Samantha Ong, Ryan Poulter
2014-2015 Ward Archibald, Sarah Harper, Sarah McCully, Marina Rothberg, Ruchi Sheth
2013-2014 Elizabeth Alexion, Olivia Alperstein, Elizabeth Baggott, Catherine Chase, Rajaa Elidrissi, Kim Chu, Alec Jolicoeur, Sarah McCully, Emerson Obus, Marina Rothberg, MacKenzie Schlosser
2012-2013 Catherine Chase, Yi Ding, Sarah Harper, Alec Jolicoeur, Rosie Kelly, Jasper Kubasek, Jeesue Lee, Ali Rosenberg, Marina Rothberg, Emily Shames
2011-2012 Pascal Fiorentino, Jessica Jordan, Andrea Ruiz-Lopez
2010-2011 Ellie Damaskos, Nathaniel Durant
2009-2010 Christina Burkot, Lindsey Davis, Susie Howe, Fotini Xenidis
2008-2009 Jessica Cepeda, Stephen Grodski, Christopher Kaltsas, and Anna Pachner
2007-2008 Paul Gerdes, Peter Gilchrist, Samuel Kachuck, Morgan McCray and Anna Pachner
2006-2007 Tess Amodeo-Vickery, Carly Bollinger, Joanna Kenty, Stephanie Leung, Anna Pachner, Emily Palmer, Thomas Van Denburgh, Jordana Wolf and Fred Zenker
2005-2006 Tess Amodeo-Vickery, David Edwards, Joanna Kenty, Sara Maeder, Max Matthews, Sabrina Perez, Cory Savereid, Jordana Wolf and Fred Zenker
2004-2005 Jeff Delauter, Julie Levy and Jordana Wolf

Ingraham Prize

The Ingraham Prize is the gift of Robert Seney Ingraham, Class of 1888, and his wife, for excellence in New Testament Greek or, in years when a course in that subject is not given, for excellence in a course in Greek elective for juniors and seniors. From 2005-2023 the following students received the Ingraham Prize:

2022-2023 Tamara Pilson ('23)
2021-2022 Robbie Denegre ('22)
2019-2020 Tessa Zitter ('21)
2018-2019 Benjamin Saraille ('19), Maggie Rothberg ('20)
2017-2018 Catherine Kiall ('19)
2016-2017 Maria Ma ('17)
2015-2016 Elizabeth Alexion ('16)
2014-2015 Catherine Chase ('15)
2013-2014 Holt Akers-Campbell ('16), Elizabeth Alexion ('16)
2012-2013 Alison Rosenberg ('15)
2011-2012 Elizabeth Damaskos ('12), Linda Kung ('12)
2010-2011 Kevin McKeown ('11), Henry Thornhill ('11)
2009-2010 Stephen Grodski ('10), Allison House ('11)
2008-2009 Thomas Van Denburgh ('09), Eric Weiskott ('09)
2007-2008 Thea De Armond ('09), Thomas Van Denburgh ('09)
2006-2007 Sara Maeder ('08) and Margaret Sinick ('07)
2005-2006 Lydia Bell ('07) and Deborah Schwartz ('07)
2004-2005 Michelle Columbus ('05), Brigid Dwyer ('05) and Simone Walters ('05)

Sherman Prize

Established by David Sherman, Class of 1872, the Sherman Prize is given for excellence in Classics.  From 2005-2023 the following students were awarded the Sherman Prize:

2022-2023 Sasha Gerber ('23)
2021-2022 Tamara Pilson ('23)
2019-2020 Ana Rodríguez Santory ('20)
2018-2019 Catherine Kiall ('19)
2017-2018 Jackson Barnett ('17)
2015-2016 Holt Akers-Campbell ('16)
2014-2015 Lily Baggott ('15), Ali Rosenberg ('15)
2012-2013 Andrea Ruiz-Lopez ('13)
2011-2012 Adam Peck ('12)
2010-2011 Susan Howe ('11)
2009-2010 Christi Richardson ('10)
2008-2009 Erick Weiskott ('09)
2007-2008 Joanna Kenty ('08)
2006-2007 Amelia Nebenhaus ('07)
2005-2006 Christie Roberts ('06)
2004-2005 Lydia Bell ('07)

Spinney Prize

The Spinney Prize is the gift of Joseph S. Spinney, trustee 1875-82 and 1888-93, for the best original essay on some aspect of Greek or Roman civilization.  From 2005-2023 the Spinney Prize was presented to the following students:

2022-2023 Nick Bowman ('23)
2019-2020 Maggie Rothberg ('20)
2018-2019 Emma Graham ('19)
2017-2018 Katherine Barnes ('17) 
2016-2017 Edward (Ward) Archibald ('17)
2015-2016 Sarah Harper ('16)
2013-2014 Alexandra Ozols ('14)
2012-2013 Alex Ray ('13)
2011-2012 Nathaniel Durant('12) and Nora Hoover ('12)
2010-2011 Allison House ('11) and Amanda Sweeney ('11)
2008-2009 Fred Zenker ('09)
2007-2008 Francie Jones ('08), Joanna Kenty ('08), Sara Maeder ('08) and Jordana Wolf ('08)
2006-2007 Tess Amodeo-Vickery ('07) and Deborah Schwartz ('07)
2005-2006 Daniel Matzkin ('06)
2004-2005 Leland Smith ('05)

Phi Beta Kappa

The oldest national scholastic honor society, Phi Beta Kappa at Wesleyan, is limited to 12 percent of the graduating class each year. Election to the society is based on grades and fulfillment of the eligibility requirements listed in the Wesleyan Catalog. Recent Classical Studies inductees include:

  • Nick Bowman (Spring 2023)
  • Maggie Rothberg (Spring 2020)
  • Maria Ma (Spring 2017) 
  • Holt Akers-Campbell (Spring 2016)
  • Elizabeth Alexion (Spring 2016)
  • Sarah Harper (Spring 2016)