CCIV Major Maggie Rothberg '20 receives University Honors

Maggie Rothberg, a double Classical Civilization and Theater Major, has been selected to receive University Honors, the highest academic honor awarded by the University. Her exceptional thesis – an analysis, translation, and staging of Aristophanes' "The Assemblywomen" – explores themes of revolution and the questioning of political, social and gender roles. In the Spring, Rothberg led two forums in which students explored the historical and theatrical underpinnings of Aristophanes' work as well as uses of the Classics across time, while rehearsing, discussing, and adapting scenes from the play. Her crowd-sourcing and community-engagement approach to the project reflect Rothberg's investment in "translating" Classical political and social themes for the present day, and helped her to bring modern flair and nuance to her artful translation of Aristophanes' ancient Greek. As the final production was cancelled because of the pandemic, Rothberg and her cast created a website here, with materials reflecting some of the stages of their collaborative work.