Witzke appointed editor of Diotima: Materials for the Study of Race, Gender, Sexuality in Classics

Professor Serena S. Witzke is now the editor of Diotima (diotima-doctafemina.org), an online source for researchers and students for information on women, gender, sexuality, race, and reception in Classics. Diotima publishes essays, book reviews and gathers resources from imagery to shareable syllabi that help foster conversations about issues of gender and social justice, enslavement, disability, ethnicity and class across the ancient Mediterranean. Her role at Diotima reflects Witzke's expertise in gender studies in antiquity, upon which she has written broadly. Her most recent article “Gender and Sexuality in Plautus” was just published with the release of the Blackwell Companion to Plautus, and she has also organized panels for the Women's Classical Caucus, including most recently a panel on “Women in Charge," for the 2020 Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies meeting.