MM FY2018


 Major Maintenance FY 2018
Project Manager:  Roseann Sillasen

Locations and Scope of Work Subject to Change-

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Major Maintenance Project Locations 

Wesleyan University is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship.  Emphasis has been
placed on waste reduction, recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing, energy conservation and
the use of materials that are either harvested through sustainable methods or made from
recyclable materials.

Table of Contents

-Historical Information for Work Performed MM FY17

-Project Specifications For All Projects 

-Proposed Major Maintenance Fiscal Year 18

-Hazardous Material By Locations




Historical Information for work performed MM FY16

The following links provide before and after photographs of MM FY17 and Capital projects approved and completed Summer/Fall/Winter 2016:

-MM FY17 Projects Completed Summer 2016 - Before and After Slide Show (PDF)

-Capital Projects Completed to Date FY17 - Before and After Slide Show (PDF)



Project Specifications for all projects:

    MM FY18 Project Manual Divisions 0-1

    MM FY18 Project Manual Divisions 2 - 16

    MM FY18 Project Specifications: Attachments, Exhibits, Stair Detail - Part of the Project Manual   

         -Partial lien waiver

         -Final lien waiver






Building Name

Project Description

Project Manager

Project Schedule

Awarded Contractor

Freeman Athletic Center-161 Cross St

Replace double doors, frame and hardware from Natatorium to exterior - north elevation with new FRP system. Replace  42" wide door, frame and hardware from locker rooms to exterior with new FRP system.

 Scope  HazMat

RZS  8/1 - 8/12/17 Aresco Construction Company
HighRise - 110 Church St

Install new full building fire alarm system. Connect to radio master box. Design/Build

 Scope  /  Existing Floor Plans & Electrical_Fire Alarm Drawings / Photos  Additional Photos / HazMat

RZS  Completed: 8/11/17 Salafia Electric LLC
Center for African American Studies- 343 High St

Replace roof over North porch, provide new built-in gutter. Significant carpentry repairs to porch. Paint.

 Scope  /  Photos /  HazMat

RZS  Completed: 7/28/17 The Rockfall Company
Olin Library - 252 Church St

Replacements of all roofs, marble cornice repairs. Window assessment. Phase 1 of envelope assessment report. Requires Board of Trustees approval March 2017.

  Scope 3-13-17  / Project Specifications & Bid Form-3-13-17 /  Photos  /  HazMat

MR/RZS  Completed: 8/11/17  

Silktown Roofing, Inc.

Music House - 200 High St

Replacement of all roofs on 2nd and 3rd floors, over entry portico and over east verandah. Install new structural supports for north parapet at perimeter of 2nd floor roof. Repoint chimneys.

 Scope 3-13-17 / Specifications & Bid Form  /  Photos  /  HazMat

Parapet Structural Reinforcement Scope

RZS  Completed: 8/11/17

Silktown Roofing, Inc.

Music House - 200 High St

Structural reinforcement of first floor and east exterior deck. Ceiling/wall repairs related to work performed. Increase live load to 150 psf. Exterior paint.

 Scope 3-15-17 /  Photos 3-15-17 /  HazMat

RZS  Completed: 8/11/17 Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc.
Russian House - 163 High St

Vinyl side exterior, wrap window trim, replace cupola storm windows, replace porches, exterior paint.

 Scope  /  Photos  /  HazMat

RZS  Completed: 8/4/17 CSS Morello Inc.
Crowell Concert Hall - Wyllys Ave

Address water ingress into hall and storage spaces / replace steel door and frame behind stage.

 Scope/Photos  /  HazMat


 6/5 - 6/30/17 or

 7/31 - 8/18/17

Kronenberger & Sons Restoration, Inc.
Hall Atwater 237 Church St

Replace bluestone walk on Lawn Ave elevation, replace deteriorated concrete on east walk, replace north entry stairs.

 Scope 3-17-17  /  Photos  

RB/RZS  Coordinate with Roof Replacement Raccio Construction Co., Inc.
Foss Hill 1-10 - Foss Hill Dr

Remove existing and install new composite material storage cubbies in all shower / toilet rooms.

 Scope  /  Photos 

RZS  See Scope Documents Brown & Wimler Construction LLC
Andrus Field - High St

Install new portable home side bleachers & new press box. Requires Board of Trustees approval March 2017.

 Scope  /  Photos 

RB    Proprietary Vendor
Olin Library - 252 Church St

Replace existing north elevation asphalt sidewalk; install new irrigation.

 Scope  /  Photos / See Addenda

RB  8/11/17. Coordinate with Roof Replacement DeRita and Sons
Construction Co., Inc
Undergrad Woodframes

Undergrad Woodframes porches repairs and replacements

250 Court Street DRPB

258 Court Street DRPB

43 Fountain Ave 

H-146_350  High Street

H-52 Home Ave

H-60 Home Ave

72 Home Ave

K-122B Knowles Ave

L-34 Lawn Ave

L-96 Lawn Ave

P-63 Pearl Street

5 Vine Street

7 Vine Street

202 Washington Street DRPB 

 Scope  /  Project Location Plan  / Proposal Sheet / HazMat

MR  Completed: 8/11/17  CSS Morello Inc.
Undergrad Woodframe 

Undergrad Woodframe -  Interior 1 st Floor Framing Repairs Structural reinforcement. Temporary relocation of building systems as required to make repairs. Includes MEP and Life Safety Systems.

125 Cross Street

127 Cross Street

2 Fountain Ave 

6 Fountain Ave

7 Fountain Ave 

30 Fountain Ave

34 Fountain Ave

43 Fountain Ave

51 Fountain Ave

69A Fountain Ave

203 Pine Street 

223 Pine Street

235 Pine Street

266 Pine Street

269 Pine Street

2 Warren Street 

4 Warren Street

6 Warren Street

8 Warren Street

12 Warren Street

 Scope  / Project Location Plan / Proposal Sheet /  HazMat

MR  Completed: 8/11/17  DBA Morrison Developers
Religious Studies - 171 Church St

Replace windows with new insulated glass windows, insulate window pocket, paint interior/exterior window trim. THIS WORK PART OF COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY PHASE 10. PERFOMRED BY TRANE.

 Scope  /  Photos  /  HazMat

RZS  Trane Building Services
Student WF - 71 Lawn Ave

Vinyl side exterior. Maintain architectural intent. Install insulated glass windows, insulation of window pocket, paint interior window trim, wrap perimeter trim. Carpentry and porch repairs. Wood soffit repair. New gutters and downspouts. Repoint and reflash chimney.

 Scope  /  Photos  /  HazMat

RZS  Completed: 8/11/17 The Rockfall Company
Garage - 34 Lawn Ave

Demolish garage. Grade and landscape surface for proper drainage.   

  Photos  /  HazMat

Hall Atwater - 237 Church St

Exterior perimeter roof replacement including roof drains. Equipment disconnects and reconnects. Add/Alt for penthouse roof replacement.

 Scope 3-13-17 / Project Specifications & Bid Form 3-13-17  /  Photos  /  HazMat

RZS/ASW  Coordinate with Roof Replacement Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation
Hall Atwater - 237 Church St

Loading Dock Roof Replacement. Scheduled August 8.

 Scope  /  Photos  /  HazMat

RZS  8/8 - 8/20/17 Macri Roofing Inc.
Foss Hill Unit 4 - Foss Hill Drive

Owner to abate existing tile flooring. Install new VCT floor tile and base in identified bedrooms.

 Scope  /  Photos  /  HazMat

RZS  6/26 - 7/21/17

G.A. Olson & Sons Inc.

Usdan Campus Center - 45 Wyllys Ave

Install new base material on center curved stair.

 Scope 3-15-17  /  Photos / Additional Photos 

RZS  5/29 - 6/16/17  
CFA Art Studio South - 293 Washington Terr

Remove existing and install new storefront layout and sliding glass doors to Room 105 - Woodshop. Provide all related hardware. Provide cost to replace and install new exterior entry door and sidelites.  Align transom trim with masonry joints lines.

 Scope/Photos 3-14-17  /  HazMat

RZS  Completed: 8/11/17 Superior Finishes LLC
South College - 229 High St

Install new 1st floor connector fixed glass panelson new curbe and install new entry doors. Requires installation of new curb anchored to concrete structure below.  Reset bluestone patio blocks. Re-Install auto door openers and operators.

Replace fixed sash windows at 2nd floor connector with new insulated glass, metal clad wood fixed sashes to match existing lite configuration. 

 Scope  /  Photos  /  HazMat

RZS  7/1 - 7/31/17  S. Carpenter Construction
Freeman Athletic Center- 161 Cross St

Provide repairs to exterior surfaces of the Natatorium and Hockey Rink. Paint / stain exterior surfaces.   EIFS repairs to perimeter of Natatorium. Carpetry repairs and stain all wood siding surfaces on Hockey Rink exterior. Paint exterior doors and surfaces below wood siding. Address refuse enclosure. 


 Scope  /  Photos  /  HazMat

RZS  Completed: 8/11/17. Coordinate with Summer Programs Superior Finishes LLC
Campus wide

Classroom renovation / refresh in buildings to be identified.

Scopes to be posted after March 20, 2017.

 Scope  /  Photos 

BH/RZS  Completed: 8/11/17  
College of the Environment - 284 High St

Remove carpet and install new plank flooring on 2nd and 3rd floors. Refinish center stair. Coordinate work with window replacement schedule.

 Photos/Scope /  HazMat

RZS  Completed 8/1/17. Coordinate with Window Installation  G.A. Olson & Sons Inc.
University Relations - 318 High St

Remove existing and construct new structural stair and concrete accessible ramp entrance on north elevation. Install new auto door opener. Provide new door hardware.

 Scope  /  Photos

RZS  Completed: 7/28/17 Raccio Construction Co., Inc.
Freeman Athletic Center South Entry Bridge - 161 Cross St

Remove existing concrete surface on bridge and install new stamped asphalt surfaced. Install new stamped thermoplastic logo. Grade trench drain for barrier free.

Work scheduled 8/1-8/18/17.

 Scope  /  Photos  

RZS/RB  8/1 - 8/18/17 Raccio Construction Co., Inc.
Freeman Athletic Center Warren Street Sidewalk Replacement - 161 Cross St

Remove existing concrete sidewalk and entry landing.  Install new surfaces. Provide accessible curb cut.

Work Scheduled 8/1 - 8/18/17

See Addenda #1

8/1 - 8/18/17 S. Carpenter Construction
CFA P & R Theater - 271/275 Washington Terr

Provide grading and drainage per design documents to prevent water ingress to building. DRAINAGE STUDY IN PROGRESS

 Scope  /  Photos

Campuswide Grounds

Landscape renewal

Exley Science Center - Regrade south entrance to Exley Science Center; improve drainage and access,  install new light fixture

 Scope  /  Photos  


 5/29 - 7/28/17

Coordinate with Summer Programs

Raccio Construction Co., Inc.
Campus wide

Landscape renewal / increase campus tree canopy

 Scope  /  Photos 

RB    Proprietary Vendor
 Admissions - 70 Wyllys Avenue

Replace existing patio and perimeter walkways. Provide barrier free entrance. Provide new yard drain and underround piping. Install additional site lighting.

Scope / Photos  

 RB/RZS  5/29 - 6/30/17 To be performed by in-house contractor

Alternate Funded Project

Wasch Center for Retired Faculty -51 Lawn Avenue

Siding Replacement Project/Porch Repairs/Exterior Painting

Scope / Photos / Proposal Sheet / HardiPlank Installation Cut Sheets

RZS 5/30 - 8/11/17 Superior Finishes LLC
CFA F Music Studios

Refinish acoustic sound panels in rooms 001, 002, 003, 004, 006, 011 and 021.

Scope Plan / Scope Photos

RZS 6/12-6/16/17 & 7/26-8/9/17 Aresco Construction Company
 Contractor Sign In Sheets  Roofing 3-13-17 / General Contractor 3-15-17 / Roofing 3-15-17 / General Contractor 3-16-17 / Fire Alarm 3-16-17 / Site Contractor 3-17-17 / General Contractor 5-11-17      



34 Lawn Ave, 71  Lawn Ave , HighRise (110 Church ST) , Freeman Athletic Center Natatorium / Hockey Rink  (161 Cross ST) , Russian House (163 High ST)Religious Studies (171 Church ST)  , Music House Roofing (200 High ST)Music House Interior (200 High ST) ,   South College Connector (229 High ST) , Hall Atwater Roofing / Loading Dock (237 Church ST) , Olin Library Roof (252 Church ST) , College of the Environment (284 High) , CFA Art Studio South (293 Washington Terrance) , Center For African American Studies (343 High St)CFA Crowell Concert Hall, Foss Hill Unit 4 

AR=Alan Rubacha

ASW=Angela Wong

BH=Brandi Hood

MC=Mike Conte

MR=Mike Rosalie

RB=Rob Borman

RZS=Roseann Sillasen

TP=Tom Policki

Project Request Form 2017

ACAD=Academic    Admin=Administrative    Infra=Infrastructure    RP=Rental Properties    SLF=Student Life Facilities   SLF-WF=Student Life Facilities-Woodframes     ATH=Athletics

CPP=Central Power Plant    AAF=Academic & Administrative Affairs    MH=Manhole    DDC=Direct Digital Controls    GFI=Ground Fault Interrupt   SW=southwest    ADA=Americans with Disabilities Act

CFA=Center for the Arts