Major Maintenance FY 21

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Project Manager:  Roseann Sillasen

             Wesleyan University is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship. 
          Emphasis has been placed on waste reduction, recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing,
          energy conservation and the use of materials that are either harvested through sustainable
methods or made from recyclable materials.



Work performed and completed Summer/Fall 2020

     -Capital & MM FY20 Projects - Construction Completed Summer 2019 
      -Capital & MM FY21 Projects - Construction Completed Summer 2020



Project Specifications for all projects and scopes will be available in OneDrive:

    MM FY20 Project Manual Divisions 0-1
    MM FY20 Project Manual Divisions 2 - 16
    MM FY20 Project Manual: Attachments, Exhibits, Stair Detail  

         -Partial lien waiver

         -Final lien waiver
The following work has been approved to be performed the summer 2020.Please search the list for your building’s name or address and for any abutting buildings within proximity to your building to remain informed of work being performed and forecasted on campus. Capital projects and additional work will be identified as it is approved.

Building Name

Building Address Project Name Proposed Maintenance
Student WF 5 Vine St Exterior-Reinforce west entry stair and landing Reinforce West Stair System
Student WF 1 Vine Street Fire alarm Replace Fire alarm system with an addressable system
Schonberg Dance Studio 247 Pine Street Fire Alarm Replace fire alarm panel.
Religious Studies 171 Church Street Fire Alarm Replacement Replace Fire alarm system with an addressable system
Student Offices 190 High Street Fire Alarm Replacement Replace Fire alarm system with an addressable system
CFA Theater Washington Terr Fire Alarm system Install new fire alarm system in CFA Theater. Address performance space requirements. 
Student WF Campus wide Flooring-Structural reinforcement First floor structural reinforcement in student housing.  
Vine St Parking Lot Entrance Vine St Grounds-Repave entry to parking lot Repave south entrance only to Vine Street parking lot.
200 Church 200 Church Street Grounds-Retaining Wall Remove and rebuild east retaining wall and walk, install stairs, remove and grade balance of area.
Student WF 14 Fountain Ave Electrical panel Electrical panel upgrade, new wiring, lighting
Student WF 162 Church St Roof Main house roof replacement (included in GC package)
CFA Art Studio North Washington Terr Roof Roof replacement
FAC Hockey Rink 161 Cross St Roof Roof replacement
Foss Hill 4 Foss Hill Drive Roof Roof replacement, roof hatch with guard rail installation.
Van Vleck Observatory Foss Hill Drive Roof Large Dome roof repairs.
Fauver Apartments 19 Foss Hill Drive Roof Replacement Roof replacement
Exley Science Tower 265 Church St Elevator Upgrade Upgrade Freight Elevator





AR=Alan Rubacha

AS=Andres Sarda
ASW=Angela Wong
BH=Brandi Hood
MC=Mike Conte
MR=Mike Rosalie
RB=Rob Borman
RZS=Roseann Sillasen
TP=Tom Policki
VD=Victor Diaz

ACAD=Academic    Admin=Administrative    Infra=Infrastructure    RP=Rental Properties    SLF=Student Life Facilities   SLF-WF=Student Life Facilities-Woodframes     ATH=Athletics

CPP=Central Power Plant    AAF=Academic & Administrative Affairs    MH=Manhole    DDC=Direct Digital Controls    GFI=Ground Fault Interrupt   SW=southwest    ADA=Americans with Disabilities Act

CFA=Center for the Arts