Major Maintenance FY 2007/2008
Project Manager:  Roseann Sillasen
Various Contractors

Items Approved 11/30/2006

Work to be performed beginning Spring and Summer 2007

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Items identified in green signify energy savings measures.

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Grayed items have been completed


Building Name Building Address Proposed Maintenance Building Use
Butterfield A/B/C Lawn/Huber Ave. Install 200 new stop valves on flushometers. SLF
Butterfield A/B/C Lawn/Huber Ave. Rebuild 3 existing cantilevered concrete fire escape landings with steel landings and stairs. SLF
Butterfield B 20 Huber Ave. Install Magnetic hold open devices on all stairwell/corridor doors, relocate 3 pull stations and horn/strobes. SLF
Butterfield C 50 Huber Ave. Install fog separators on Summerfields kitchen drainage. Traps must be installed on inside of kitchen area at floor drains and outside on sanitary  line. May require excavation and site repair. ADM
Campus Classrooms Campus wide Address non-traditional teaching spaces as budget allows: CFA RH105, CFA Crowell Green Room, DAC Photo Studio. ACAD
Campus roofs Campus wide Install OSHA fall protection gates at unprotected roof hatches and skylights.  Areas to be prioritized by need. Installation of gates will protect workers from falling through opening. CAMPUS
Campus wide Campus wide Cut trees back away from buildings, and remove potential dangerous trees in all areas, including rentals. INFRA
Campus Wide Campus wide Placeholder to address areas of concern raised by students from lighting tour performed 11/1/06. SLF
Campus Wide Campus wide Funding for annual roof maintenance contract. SLF
CAMS 255 High St. Remove and replace the side flat roof area. Replace gutters, install gutter caps. Patch and paint ceiling in classroom below. ACAD
CFA - AS South, AS North 283 Washington Terr. Clean, repoint as needed, replace caulk and backer rod joints and waterproof CFA Art Studio North and CFA Art Studio South, Crowell Concert Hall, Rehearsal Hall, Music Studios and World Music. ACAD
CFA A - Rehearsal hall 283 Washington Terr. Replace existing flat roof with new University specified roof. ACAD
CFA B - Crowell Concert  283 Washington Terr. Replace existing flat roof with new University specified roof. ACAD
CFA C - World Music 283 Washington Terr. Replace existing security divider/folding partition that is used to prevent access to Gamelan to include motorized operation. ACAD
CFA F - Music Studios 283 Washington Terr. Replace existing flat roof with new University specified roof. ACAD
CFA L - Art Workshops 283 Washington Terr. Water infiltration in CFA screening room in basement of Art Workshops.  Water observed penetrating through wall.  ACAD
CFA M - Zilkha 283 Washington Terr. Replace 4 frozen valves and reinsulate valve station. ADM
CFA P - Theater 283 Washington Terr. Replace flying light rigging assembly.  Existing is bent and has electrical issues to include improperly sized conductors, inadequate grounding and stripped screws.   ACAD
CFA R - Dance Studio 283 Washington Terr. Replace existing flat roof with new University specified roof. ACAD
CPP 280 William St. Re-gasketing of chiller no. 2 is required.  INFRA
CPP 280 William St. Clean internal components of boilers no. 1, 2, and 3 and the economizer.  INFRA
CPP 280 William St. Replace existing gas control valves that control gas flow to boilers #1, and #2. INFRA
CPP 280 William St. Replace roof below surface. The roof, which is original to the building’s construction in 1971, has active leaks. Includes lighting, sidewalks and stairs. INFRA
Davison Health Center 327 High St Install magnet hold opens on the 2 corridor doors and basement door to eliminate propping open these doors. Connect to existing fire alarm system. ADM
Davison Health Center 327 High St. Install exterior screens on all operable windows in Health Center Infirmary on first floor to prevent bug infiltration to this area. ADM
Faculty/Staff 148 Church St. Replace entire roof, gutters, leaders, etc,. Exterior carpentry. Reflash chimney and repair as necessary. RP
Faculty/Staff Campus wide Contingency to perform boiler replacements where needed. RP
Fisk Hall 262 High St. Prep and paint fires escapes located on east side of building. Inspect and resecure as needed. ACAD
Foss 1-10 Foss Hill Dr. Install approximately 100 Symmons 1-100 X dimension shower valves with integral stops SLF
Freeman Athletic Center 161 Cross St. Annual maintenace of athletic fields. ATH
Freeman Athletic Center 161 Cross St. Air quality in ERG room is poor while working out. Modify existing control sequence, increase air flow to maximum unit can handle. ATH
Hall Atwater/Shanklin 237 Church St. Install permanent wiring fed from emergency generator to power 3rd floor fish lab and 4th floor Shanklin labs. ACAD
High Rise 110 Church St. Install new elevator door controls. This upgrade will enhance elevator operation and synchronize with elevator modernization performed MM04.  SLF
High Rise 110 Church St. Repipe discharge line from relief valve to location away from fresh air intake. SLF
High Rise 110 Church St. Renovate Kitchens and bathrooms in each apartment on the 6th and 7th floors. Total renovations include kitchens & bathrooms same scope as Low-rise B), replace base molding throughout and paint entire unit (ceilings included). Possible replacement of hallway carpeting, paint corridor walls/ceilings, replace common area lighting. Demo closet in existing 2-bed units and install new ceiling lighting in common area. Install wall hung counters to eliminate kitchen tables. Install sprinkler heads in new units. Replace all ceiling lighting. Install new wall switch in new location in newly created bedrooms. Replace all smoke detectors with new. Replace existing t-stats with lite-stats. Install access panels and shut offs for all supplies in chases in bathrooms and kitchens. SLF
Neighborhood Pre-school 115 High St. Replace roof and gutters, leaders & downspouts.  Reflash chimney and repair as necessary. Requires abatement. RP
Non-Traditional Dorm / Program House Foss Hill Dr. Shower pans on the third floor of Foss 9 are actively leaking all the way down to the boiler room. Replace or repair shower pans in all bathrooms.  Alternative repair: trowel applied epoxy. SLF
Non-Traditional Dorm / Program House Gingerbread House - 202 Washington St. Replace 11 windows in newer section of facility. Redesign opening to accept a more secure and energy efficient window. Paint all new wood and existing structure to match. Install security screens on first floor. SLF
Non-Traditional Dorm / Program House Green House - 230 Washington St. Provide electrical, plumbing and venting to accommodate new washer and dryer.
Replace carpeting in all corridors, lobbies and common rooms.
Non-Traditional Dorm / Program House La Casa - 240 Washington St Replace all storm windows with new storm windows. Weatherproof west side porch. SLF
North College 237 High St. Remove mechanical system in mechanical room to include all piping, pumps, valves and related system and install new.  Install new piping, valves, insulation, and direct digital controls (RCMS). Paint walls and floor and replace lighting. ADM
Olin Library 252 Church St Replace chiller in Special Collections. ACAD
Olin Library 252 Church St Existing pumps have no operable service valves or check valves. Repipe pumps to accommodate the equipment. ACAD
President's House 269 High St Paint all exterior wood trim to match existing.  Adhere to state and federal requirements for lead paint removal.  Perform stucco repair and paint repaired areas to match existing. ADM 
Science Center 265 Church St. Retaining wall on north side of loading dock of the Science Center has signs of horizontal and vertical cracking with signs of seepage and leaking from behind the surface. Upper portion of wall has signs of deflection. ACAD
Science Center 265 Church St. Install metal security fencing at stair landings (7) that open to center building areaway. ACAD
Science Tower 265 Church St. Phase in installation of new fire alarm system in Science building and Science Tower.  Phase 1 to include Lobby level, including SC 150, Pi Cafe, computer lab and classrooms.   ACAD
Shanklin 265 Church St. Renovate mens and womens bathrooms on the fourth floor of the Shanklin building.  Complete demolition is required. Replace fixtures and seal floor of all penetrations. ACAD
South College 229 High St. Replace entire electrical service (main distribution) supporting South College.   Address mechanical units to repair leaks. ADM
South College 229 High St. Install a new addressable fire alarm system for entire building with smoke detectors, pull stations and horn/strobes on each floor. Patch, paint. Conceal all wiring. ADM
Student WF 186 Washington St. Replace existing roofing system down to deck and replace with fully adhered EPDM roofing system; first floor kitchen area. SLF-WF
Student WF 188 Cross St. Upgrade  electrical service, wiring and receptacles so that all outlets are grounded. Remove knob and tube. SLF-WF
Student WF 2 Warren St. Replace porch, stairs and overhang with new. SLF-WF
Student WF 203 A&B  Pine St. Complete renovation of interior and exterior of 2-family woodframe to include renovations (kitchens, bathrooms, floors, windows, interior and exterior paint, vinyl siding). SLF-WF
Student WF 21 Vine St. Replace existing wood windows and storm windows with new insulated glass wood windows and full screens. Provide trim repair/replacement. Caulk, prime and paint. Install new windows shades. SLF-WF
Student WF 223 Pine St. Remove existing shingle roofing system and install new 30 year shingle roofing system. SLF-WF
Student WF 266 Pine St. Remove 2/3 of the concrete landing and 4 stairs and replace with concrete. SLF-WF
Student WF 65 Pearl St. Remove the present shingle roofing system and install new 30 year shingle roof system. Replace gutters, install gutter caps. SLF-WF
Student WF 96 A&B Lawn Ave. Provide first floor kitchen/bath complete renovation, includes all trades. Investigate plumbing from second floor for possible leaks. Renovate porches. Install sprinklers and fire alarm system. Coordinate with independent fire alarm and sprinkler installation. SLF-WF
Student WF 97 Lawn Ave. Rebuild front/side porches in toto. Address retaining wall. SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Insulate attics of select houses. SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Allowance to clean wood frame gutters. Blocked gutters causes to back up under roof and into house causing damage.  Locations to be addressed on an as needed basis. SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Replace old windows w/energy efficient windows and full screens. Houses to be identified and selected. SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Repair steps and landings at various woodframe houses. SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Contingency to replace old furnaces in 7-8 houses as they fail due to age and condition. SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Identify woodframe houses that require plumbing repairs (leaks, uninsulated pipes, poorly functioning water heaters, etc). SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Many houses have lights that are permanently on 24/7.  Install switches or motion sensors on all common area fixtures. Wiring will be required. SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Upgrade electrical services on selected houses to provide new wiring and grounded outlets.  SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Allowance for storm window replacements during summer maintenance evaluation. SLF-WF
Student WF Campus wide Replace rotted basement hatchways - allowance SLF-WF
University Relations 318 High St. Repair/patch/paint walls in lobby and stairwell to 3rd floor. ADM
Woodframe / Non-Traditional Dorm / Program House Campus wide Replace non-functioning kitchen appliances; annual allowance. SLF-WF



Acad=Academic    Adm=Administrative    Infra=Infrastructure    RP=Rental Properties    SLF=Student Life Traditional and Non-Traditional Dorms   

SLF-WF=Student Life -Woodframes     Ath=Athletics  CPP=Central Power Plant    DDC=Direct Digital Controls    GFI=Ground Fault Interrupt

UPDATED 12/15/06

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