Shapiro Center for Writing

The overall goal of renovating 116 Mt, Vernon was to revitalize the building to provide a home for Wesleyan's Shapiro Center for Writing.  This newly beautifully renovated program space is 5,5136 square feet. This project unified the academic writing and creative writing administrative structures under one roof and made it easier for students to find the support they need to improve and refine their writing skills. The building contains the offices for the Center Director and the Director of Academic Writing. 

All three floors include a variety of formal and informal learning spaces in a newly transparent design which brings natural light into the central core of the building. The construction materials and technologies highlights Wesleyans commitment to sustainability and features LED lighting with daylight dimming and occupancy sensor controls. The mechanical system is high efficiency and is controlled digitally allowing for day and night time setback based on occupancy and measures CO2 to adjust ventilation rates. Water fixtures in the building are low flow and the building are fitted with new high-performance windows. 

Writing Center       Writing Center