Prominent CSS Alumni

Brainard Cavanaugh Farrell Garrow Kelly ted shaw
Lael Brainard
Dick Cavanagh
Diana Farrell
David Garrow
Tom Kelly
Ted Shaw

  • Lael Brainard, CSS '83, Under Secretary of the US Treasury for International Affairs   
  • Dick Cavanagh, CSS '68, Former CEO of the Conference Board and partner at McKinsey
  • Nicholas Dirks, CSS '72, Anthropologist and Vice-President for Arts & Sciences, Columbia University
  • Diana Farrell, CSS '87, Deputy Director of the US National Economic Council  
  • David Garrow, CSS '75, Research Professor of History and Law, University of Pittsburgh School of Law and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Bearing the Cross 
  • Robert Hunter, CSS '62, Senior advisor, Rand Corporation and former US ambassador to NATO  
  • Tom Kelly, CSS '73, Head of Medicaid for Aetna.
  • Andrew  Kleinfeld, CSS '66, Judge in the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • Ted Shaw, CSS '76, Director-Counsel and President, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund 2004-08, professor, Columbia Law School and counsel, Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P.