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I. Absence

Sophomores must attend all Tutorials with a completed paper. Likewise, they must attend every session of the Colloquium and submit its assignments when due. Absence from classes undermines a common learning experience, and failure to finish papers on time breaks the chain of effort and feedback on which the Tutorial method depends.

Absence from any Sophomore Tutorial or the Colloquium for any reason or failure to complete a paper on time will be reported to the CSS Co-Chairs and will result in the student being placed on warning within the major. A second absence within that Tutorial or the Colloquium for any reason will result in the student being put under review. Depending on the circumstances, a review for failure to attend class can result in separation from the CSS major.

II. Late Papers in Sophomore Tutorials

Tutorials only really work when students meet their assignments regularly and promptly. A student without a paper usually cannot benefit properly from the Tutorial. If the number of outstanding papers rises, the morale of the class can be seriously damaged.

The CSS has evolved procedures to deal with lateness. Both students and Tutors must understand these procedures, which make it possible to identify students who are in difficulties, start action to help such students without delay, and, if necessary, separate a student with a pattern of late papers or who fails to follow the procedures outlined below.  

CSS Late Paper Procedures:

A.  A student who does not have an essay by the start of the Tutorial must explain to the Tutor before the Tutorial begins why the essay is not ready. If that paper is completed but not yet printed, the Tutor normally permits it to be handed in (to the Tutor's box) shortly after the Tutorial class. 

B.   A student who fails to submit a paper on the Friday of a Tutorial falls one paper behind and must be reported to the Co-Chairs, who will place the student on warning within the major. The student must complete this paper over the weekend and submit it the following week and no later than Friday of the next Tutorial. Students on warning must remain current with the tutorial sequence and complete the next paper when due. Once all outstanding work has been submitted, the student returns to good standing within the major. Failure to do so will put the student under review.

C.  A student on warning who falls two papers behind must be reported to the Co-Chairs at once and will be placed under review. A meeting will then be arranged between the student, Tutor and Co-Chairs. The student will be instructed to lay aside the uncompleted work and concentrate on the current assignments until the end of the semester. While the deadline for these essays will be negotiated with the Tutor and Co-Chairs, all essays must be received no later than first day of the second semester for first semester work and the day after Commencement for second semester work. Failure to submit late papers by these deadlines will result in separation from the CSS with appropriate credit.

D.  If a student under review falls behind by a third paper and if the problem of lateness is judged by the Tutor and Co-Chairs to be too serious for the late paper procedures to work, the Co-Chairs will make arrangements to separate the student from the CSS at the end of the semester with appropriate credit.

II. Late Papers in the Sophomore Colloquium

While the meeting times, assignments and due dates of written work in the Sophomore Social Theory Colloquium differ from those of the Sophomore Tutorials, all assignments are due when stipulated by the Tutor, and falling behind in any written work initiates the late paper procedures outlined above.

V. Absence and Late Papers in Junior and Senior Tutorials and Colloquia

Junior and Senior Tutorials and Colloquia are graded and operate under normal University rules, meaning that absence or late work will normally adversely affect your final grade. The University requires the submission of all outstanding work at the latest by the first day of the following semester; the instructor, however, has the option of imposing more stringent requirements. The CSS takes these rules seriously, and failure to meet them may result in failure in the course and separation from the major.

V. Failure in Tutorials and Colloquia

Failure in any Sophomore Tutorial or the Colloquium means separation from the CSS. A Junior who fails a Junior Tutorial or the Junior Colloquium will be required to make up the failure in the Senior year in a manner prescribed by the CSS Co-Chairs. A Senior who fails the Senior Colloquium and wishes to remain in the CSS must redeem the failure by taking a course approved by the CSS Co-Chairs under whatever conditions (e.g., minimum acceptable grade) they specify. This make-up course may not substitute for, or double with, some other necessary part of the student's curriculum.