Does your research involve the production of humanities or social science data, rich but just a bit messy and complex? Have you stretched the conceptual limits of a spreadsheet?

If so, your data would likely benefit from being adapted to a database model.

Nodegoat* is an open-source software which you can use to create that model, and explore new possibilities for analysis, visualization, and linking your data to other projects. Wesleyan Library’s Nodegoat Go license allows us to provide you with a feature-rich research environment where you can manage collaborators and even build out a public-facing side to your research.

For general questions and account access, as well as questions about preservation and storage capacities, please contact Francesca Baird, Head of Digital Initiatives for the Wesleyan Library.

To join the Wesleyan support network of faculty and student scholars—through which we facilitate intermediate and advanced training, and troubleshooting, please contact Jesse Torgerson