Currently underway are a number of collaborative projects between the Digital Lab and Academic Technology to enhance access to archival collections, to reinvograte past work, and to position students and faculty to build new digital projects.


The Learning Objects Program

In 2007, a joint project emerged between the Academic Media Studio, the Wesleyan Press, Wesleyan faculty to develop interactive learning tools and animations that help students understand difficult concepts. These modules were shared across campus, with faculty at other institutions and were used both inside and outside of the classroom. Projects ranged from animations of biological processes such as neurulation (embryonic development of the neural tube), to a simulated Indian village, where students can explore the complex interfaces and interactions among North Indians and their social and cultural lives by way of a series of interconnected maps, images, audio, and video segments. 

Built in web 1.0 technologies, the projects are undergoing review and revision as appropriate under the direction of Francesca Baird, digital projects librarian, and Rachel Schnepper, director of academic technology. Complete projects include Scroll Singers of Naya and American Poets in the 21st Century: Poetry Readings.