The Wesleyan Digital Humanities Network provides a new forum for faculty, IT staff, librarians, and university administrators through a series of informal monthly lunch meetings focusing on digital work across the disciplines. Participants will have opportunities to share work in progress, raise questions about resources and funding, and brainstorm ways to build a more robust DH community at Wesleyan. 
Monthly meetings will will run Spring 2019–Fall 2019 semesters and provide an open forum in which to undertake the following core activities:
  1. Conduct an environmental scan of projects at Wesleyan in order to better understand the breadth of digital teaching and research currently underway;
  2. Facilitate faculty-led presentations to showcase digital projects in progress;
  3. Create a space for faculty networking across departmental and divisional lines, with discussions about funding, project development, internal and external resources, and project dissemination;
  4. Explore avenues for leveraging digital humanities research for use in the classroom while also determining what aspects of DH-inflected pedagogy can support the central missions of academic research;
  5. Identify overlaps between projects that could lead to collaborative grant applications;
  6. Provide a forum for occasional speakers building digital humanities programs at neighboring and peer institutions. 
Individuals with all levels of DH experience (or none at all) are invited to attend. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Prof. Andrew Quintman or Prof. Jesse Torgerson.