Courses with class content relevant to the 2020 elections

In addition to hands-on learning that students seek out themselves, faculty are also developing classes that tie directly into this year’s electoral season.  These will include service-learning or other participatory classes—i.e., those in which actual participation is part of the class, and more traditional classroom courses that speak to contemporary political and civic matters. Faculty from any academic discipline may apply to the Provost for as much as $4,000 of support to create or convert a course and to cover additional expenses due to the out-of-classroom aspects of the course.

* denotes a class particularly useful for those who have done work in the field during winter, spring, or summer break, though open to all.

Spring 2020

ANTH 302 
Critical Perspectives on the State
Anu Sharma

CCIV 248 
Dissecting Language: Medical, Legal, and Scientific Terminology in Context
Serena Witzke

CSPL 235/AFAM 235/FGSS 236 
Activism and Theories of Change
Leslie Gabel-Brett

CSPL 397
Human Rights and the 2020 Election
James Cavallaro

CSPL 399*
Understanding the 2020 Presidential Election
John Stoehr

E&ES 199
Intro to Environmental Science and Sustainability
Suzanne O'Connell

GOVT 151
American Government and Politics
Alyx Mark

GOVT 159
The Moral Basis of Politics
Don Moon

GOVT 214
Media and Politics
Erika Franklin Fowler

GOVT 238
American Political Parties
Logan Dancey

GOVT 377
American Political Thought
Justin Peck

GOVT 382
Erosion of Democracy
James McGuire

GRST 302
Forward, Without Forgetting: The GDR in Literature and Film                               
Iris Bork-Goldfield

HIST 240/AMST 230
The United States since 1901
Ron Schatz

HIST 248/AFAM 258
Beyond the Vote: Race & American Democracy
Kevin Vrevich

PSYC 325/ ENVS 325 
Healthy Places: Practice, Policy and Population Health
Shellae Versey

QAC 231
Introduction to (Geo)Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization
Kim Diver

Summer 2020

CSPL 399*
Understanding the 2020 Presidential Election
John Stoehr


Fall 2020

AFAM 171
The Prison State: Race, Law, and Mass Incarceration in U.S. History (FYS)
Jesse Nasta

ANTH 206
Ethnography of the American Rural
Joseph Russo

CCIV 120
From Democracy to Autocracy: Demagogues, Tyrants, and Popular Media in Ancient Greece and Rome
Andrew Szegedy-Maszak

CSPL 316
Human Rights Advocacy: Critical Assessment and Practical Engagement in Global Social Justice
James Cavallaro

E&ES 280
Introduction to GIS
Kim Diver

ECON 101
Introduction to Economics
Richard Grossman

ECON 222
Public Economics
Damien Sheehan-Connor

ECON 308
Healthcare Economics
Damien Sheehan-Connor

ECON 353
American Economic History
Richard Grossman

ENVS 361
Living in a Polluted World
Johan Varekamp

GOVT 151
American Government and Politics
Alyx Mark

GOVT 151
American Government and Politics
Justin Peck

GOVT 217
The American Presidency
Justin Peck

GOVT 232
Campaigns and Elections
Logan Dancey

GOVT 376
Political Polarization in America
Logan Dancey

GOVT 399
Citizens, Judges, Juries: Who Decides in Democracy?
Sonali Chakravarti

HIST 171
Introduction to History: History of U.S. Social Movements
Kevin Vrevich

HIST 248
Beyond the Vote: Race and American Democracy
Kevin Vrevich

HIST 329
Race Discourse in the Americas
Demetrius Eudell

HIST 379
The Fire Next Time: The Modern Black Freedom Struggle
Kevin Vrevich

HIST 342
The Rise of the Conservative Movement in the United States Since 1945
Ronald Schatz

PSYC 260
Social Pyschology
Scott Plous

RELI 225
Socialist Utopias: Transcendence and Religion in Communist States (FYS)
Justine Quijada

Reading Stories
Suzanne Fusso

THEA 217
Performing Democracy: Theater, Activism, and Community Engagement
Ron Jenkins