Speakers and Special Events

The E2020 Speaker Series will feature an array of public figures from diverse backgrounds - all with compelling messages about the power of students and young people to affect change and the urgency of this moment.

All events are free and are in Eastern Time.
Most are open to the public, please check with each individual event to see if it open to all or only the Wesleyan community.  

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The E2020 Speaker Series is supported by generous contributions from the Wintman Family Lecture Series Fund.

Learn more about the speakers and see the full lineup here.

E2020 Events

Nov 2

The QAnon Phenomenon: Satanic Panic, Cannibal Fantasies, and Pizzagate

04:30 pm


Who or what is "Q," and why are a growing number of Americans convinced by the story they are telling? Why are they charging "the Democratic elite" with "Satanic" conspiracy, ritual abuse, and cannibalism, and more importantly, why is anybody listening? Is QAnon a political movement? A Religion? Have we ever seen anything like this before, and if so, how might that history help us understand the phenomenon of QAnon? Register here:https://wesleyan.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYsc-iprz0jGdFChQ4StcedhK4zPXGmqMoE

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