For Educators

Welcome to Earth Out Loud.

The mission of Earth Out Loud is to spark curiosity and creative thinking about topics in environmental science. It is a simple, multi-media website designed to fit with second and third grade science curricula in Connecticut. The overall content is appropriate for grades K-5.  

Students, teachers, and families can use Earth Out Loud in a variety of ways. Start by playing one of the short highlight videos at the top of each episode page — or, try listening to an audio-only version (offered for the Raptors episode). Explore further with short videos, games, and reading materials. Discuss questions classroom challenge, or go on a field trip.

Educators, please note: the folders below are meant to translate episode pages to whiteboard viewing or printouts. They contain the episode elements, along with vocabulary lists and a few other teacher extras. What is NOT included here: specfiic curricular tie-in information, a full lesson plan, or sequenced learning activities.

This is a pilot project in its first year. To grow, we need your feedback! Your suggestions, critiques, brainstorms will help decide plans for the future. Email Rani Arbo at Wesleyan's College of the Environment:  Thanks!

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