Recycle This
Many kinds of household items and recyclables can be re-used, sometimes over and over again. This slide show shows some cool and wacky uses for ordinary things, like tires and garbage bags, plus a bunch of recycled crafts that kids and parents can make together (follow links for directions). If you decide to make something from something old, we'd love to see it! Visit the Kids' Gallery to learn how to submit your idea to Earth Out Loud.
  • Chip-bag hat. (Belle McCluskey, creator; Byte Studios, photo)
  • Plastic bottle igloo. (Christina Anderson)
  • Darth Vader made from electronic circuit boards. (Elisa Insua)
  • Ball gown made of garbage bags. (Created by students of Jack Thompson at Moore College; Photo: Whitey Jenkins)
  • An en-TIRE-ly cool house
  • Water bottle sprinkler (To make:
  • Juice Carton Wallet (Family Fun Magazine (to make,
  • Wind Chimes (To make:
  • Recycled Note Pads (To make:
  • Can-Do Robots (To make:
  • Bird Feeder (From FamilyFun Magzine. To make:
  • Bottle faux-glass sculptures (To make: